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Move Over, LUSH, Ooh La La Treats Is Taking Over

Taking a lesson or two from LUSH and making it happen here in Egypt, Ooh La La Body Treats has a whole range of products that make us want to walk out of the office and go home to a bath bomb or two.

One of the undeniable tragedies about Cairo – or Egypt in general – is the fact that LUSH has never graced us with their presence; but, hey, we're an innovative bunch - if LUSH won't come to us then we'll just create our own local alternative. we don't complain much because we're always on the look out for the local alternatives. That's just because, sometimes, even those who like to deny it like to get nice and pampered by pouring a cup of wine, lighting some candles, and prepping for a nice long bath after a hectic day of work. 

Scrolling through Instagram, comme toujours, we came across this account with a bunch of cute pastry-like soaps and bath bombs. Close enough, right? We spent a good 15 minutes at work daydreaming about going home and pampering ourselves; thanks, Ooh La La Body Treats.

The experimental baby of two very passionate and driven architecture students, Nada Yazdi and Miral Swellam, Ooh La La Body Treats displays a whole range of natural, handmade products – scrubs, shower jellies, bath bombs, and soap bars, all with a whole variety of scents. The O-Melt solid lotion bars are made with milk and vanilla, lavender and mint. As for the squishy and colourful jelly shower soaps, which come in cute little jars, they come in blueberry, mint, or lemon scents, and can set you back 40 to 60 LE depending on the size.

''We got this idea because of the whole chemicals deal and because we spend a lot of time trying to look for LUSH products. We have to travel to get these products but then the products run out, so we decided to get the ingredients and do it ourselves,'' explains 22-year-old Yazdi. ''We don't have a business background, we just did it out of interest and people started becoming very interested in it, so we thought 'why not?" she continues, laughing as she recounts the many years spent experimenting, researching, and reading before actually launching this project.  What we love most about Ooh La La Treats is how natural and fresh everything seems to be. Although LUSH's Fizbanger and Rose Bombshell have been deprived from us, Oh La La is providing plenty of bath bombs (between 30 and 80 LE) to get pumped about: their O-My bath bombs, smelling delightfully of strawberry, lemon, and lavender, turn your water into lovely shades of blue, pink, and peach. Plus, customers can directly message them on their account to ask for whatever product they want, or request a customised product with a whole set of new aromas. 

Although both young business owners would love to expand their venture into a store one day, right now they're swamped with university work. The idea of how they decided to even start this project seems almost like by chance. 

With a polluted city like ours, it's essential to use scrubs regularly. Ooh La La body treats have packaged natural body scrubs, like anti-cellulite exfoliating body scrubs – made with natural ingredients like sugar, coffee, and juniper – in little glass jars. There's also another one called the O-Detox body scrub which contains sea salt and activated charcoal. Now we don't really know what activate charcoal actually does, but we're damn sure our skin can use a detox. The best part? Yazdi guarantees that whatever you get will be 100 percent natural.

 Check out their goodies now on Instagram