Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Mummy Blogger 'ArielleAbroad' Creates Egyptian-Made Baby Carriers

Launched by famed mommy blogger Arielle, Little B places parental empowerment and community building at the centre of its brand philosophy.

Farida El Shafie

After giving birth to her two-and-a-half-year-old son, full-time CEO, mum, and travel blogger Arielle put on her bionic-mum boots and buckled all parents up with her line of baby carriers - Little B’s. Inspired by her own babywearing journey, Little B places parental empowerment and community building at the centre of its brand philosophy. A little fibre of home, these ergonomic baby carriers are keeping babies’ heartbeats steadier and their little bodies closer. 

As an avid traveller, the entrepreneur on the rise trialled many impractical baby carriers before creating her own. “When people asked how I was able to do this, I attributed most of it to the baby carriers I couldn't find, rather than the ones I could,” Arielle tells CairoScene. “They were all super clunky, straps and padding couldn’t throw them in your diaper bag, they were also not stylish, and as a mum, you want to hold on to your style.” 

Mirroring the brand’s raw and familial feel, Arielle made it her mission to keep focalizing diversity within her community-led initiative. “No models were hired for the shoot, I wanted real parents representing real parents,” Arielle explains. “You always see these unattainable looking parents in photoshoots, I want parents of different sizes, backgrounds, and genders, and it was really important to have that diversity.” 

Aligning with their unifying prerogative, Little B’s is empowering parents at every step of the production process, “It was really important to me that this brand empowers parents from start to finish,” Arielle says. In that goal, Arielle ensured the graphic designer and photographer she hired were mums, the factory was owned by a young father, and that her workshop is women-led and family-owned. 

When asked about her future endeavours, Arielle had a lot to say about her sustainability goals. “In the future, I want to produce a zero-waste line with all the scrap fabric,” she says. “I already produce my carriers from all-natural materials, ones you can pass on to a friend, ones made to last. I want to leave a cleaner planet for your kids.” Whilst some shipments are underway, the brand is scheduled to fully launch in May 2022.