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NATAVIS is the Science-Based Skincare Brand Helping Your Glow Game

Using the best nature has to offer and a bit of science, NATAVIS is helping us exfoliate away the bad vibes.

The world of beauty, much to our disillusionment, isn’t just clad with glitters and pretty pinks. In actuality, dealing with skin is a fickle dermatological process based on a deep understanding of science— and then the glitter is added in later. Bringing that understanding to the local beauty scene, new skincare brand NATAVIS specializes in cosmetic products that uses science to draw beauty out of nature.

“All of our ingredients are imported to get the highest quality," marketing communication specialist Doaa Mohamed tells #CairoScene. "Our products are released to create a complete skincare routine. We use a lot of Vitamin C in our products which creates radiance, without any ascorbic acid.”

The skincare company was founded back in March 2020 by Dr. Hussein Nabil, an experienced pharmacist with a passion for skincare. Committed to using the power of nature in his recipes, Dr. Nabil has come out with a collection of serums, cleansers, and toners that utilize its ingredients to their full potential. NATAVIS is currently working on releasing new products soon, but you can get their available products through