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Upper Deck at Four Seasons Cairo Hotel at Nile Plaza

NYX Sea Lounge: Beach Party With Glitz and Glamour

Now we don't usually leave Cairo for a party, but when we do, we do it Four Seasons-style.

The Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano never had a problem distinguishing itself as the hub for extravagance, excellence and luxury in the coastal city. For years, the cream of Alexandria’s society has accumulated at the exclusive venues within the hotel, such as Kala, the sight of the biggest and best brunch the city has seen, and Fresca, the café and gelateria that serves the best meats, ice creams and wines around town. With the opening of a new party season at NYX Sea Lounge, Alexandria is now breaking into the party scene like never before, offering a night out that equals the likes of Cairo, Sharm or Gouna. The Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano invited us to check out the new party series and see for ourselves that Alexandria is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to superb entertainment, fabulous partying and exciting crowds.

We arrived at the Four Seasons in the afternoon on Friday to have sufficient time to get ready for the exclusive event. The preparations for the big launch night were in full swing, and we were able to have a beautiful bird’s eye perspective of the beach side venue from our ocean view room. Located on the hotel's private beach, a tunnel connects the hotel and the sea lounge. Thanks to the hotel’s wonderful spa and spacious bathrooms, we were able to get ready for the party of the year all afternoon, getting our skin shiny with beauty treatments and the sauna before heading to a mouthwatering dinner at Fresca which set the tone for the night. Relaxed, fed, and with our nicest pair of shoes we then set off to mingle with Alexandria’s high society and experience the hospitality of the Four Seasons at a party.

As we were escorted to our table, we were stunned by the decorations and lights that contributed to the Sea Lounge - famous for seafood and seaside dining - being transformed into the perfect venue for a legendary night out. The subtle purple lighting and the imposing chandeliers made it hard to believe we are in a beach bar rather than a high end club. Indeed, the whole lounge had been transformed to welcome international star belly dancer Elissar from Lebanon and DJ Eddy Le Grand who was already rocking the turntables to warm up as we arrived. While sipping excellent wine from an impressive drinks menu, we watched how the most beautiful and party hungry people of Alexandria filled the room until the large party venue was completely filled.

Eddy Le Grand's tunes were a mix of classy Amy Winehouse tunes and party anthems of the last three decades; a perfect blend of old and new, classy and rocky. The atmosphere quickly caught on to his passionate partying in the DJ booth in the middle of the room, surrounded by a stage that was anticipating the arrival of Elissar.

When she did arrive, the room exploded. Her hips certainly did not lie. Neither did her legs. Or her hair. Every inch of her body was in motion while the incredible party crowd was watching her in awe. With Elissar shaking up the dance floor, the onlooker’s hips developed a life of their own, and started shimmying beyond control. Cocktails flowing and numerous bottles of Absolut and Chivas Regal in circulation, the atmosphere reminded of a big family gathering more so than a big party for all of Alexandria’s party royalty. Yes, Alexandria is not to be compared with the size of Cairo, but the enthusiasm for partying and the greatness of the entertainment had us forget that we are in the city usually in the shadow of the big capital.

After the Lebanese bombshell exited the stage, the chatter did not stop, however. Eddy Le Grand’s tunes took over more and more, and the social atmosphere on the big tables, cosy chairs and long bar increasingly became a venue for dancing and singing. The Four Seasons' principles of class, hospitality and excellence reflected in their event just as much as their impeccable service, shiny bathtubs and famous mattresses.


Now many of us usually stay in Cairo for our party weekends. The trek to Alexandria seems to be too much effort for the crowds in Cairo. The unbelievable offer the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano had in store for us this week, however, made us realise that this attitude needs revision. The NYX night out was a refreshing alternative to our repetitive Cairo venues in which the faces, the drinks and the music seldom change. While we love our capital, this weekend taught us to not write off the party quality and brilliance of Alexandria as a weekend getaway. With the memory of the most comfortable sleep we had right after this flawless party still fresh, we can’t wait to plan our next trip to Alexandria to either relax, eat well or party like royalty. 

Find out more about Four Seasons Alexandria Hotel at San Stefano on their Facebok page here.

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