Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Napa Grill's Glorious Brunch

We ate far too much and stayed far too long at the Fairmont Nile City's brilliant Friday brunch...

Staff Writer

Napa Grill's Glorious Brunch

Ahh, brunch. Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch but always a lot of booze. Fairmont Nile City have relaunched their epic brunch offerings at Napa Grill, turning things up a notch and combining all sort of cuisines for one Friday afternoon of overeating but loving it, right on the river. We headed over last week to check it out, and went home full of food and just the right amount of tipsy. 

We always go for salads first, and Fairmont Nile City never disappoints in the department. From DIY Caesar salads to ready-to-devour Thai beef offerings, and every cheese, vegetable and dressing in between, we visited the station at least three times, before we moved on to bigger things. 

Torn between Asian curries, fresh Italian pastas, sushi rolled before our eyes and glorious meat carving… we went for all of them. With plates piled high, we took our seats just a stone’s throw from the Nile and got to it. We’ve never denied ourselves the simple pleasure of stuffing our faces, and the Napa Grill brunch encourages exactly that. 

When it came to dessert (after three visits to the buffet, mind you) we were truly blown away. Gone are the days of dry konafa and a pale Om Ali - Napa Grill turned out the treats we’ve always wanted and never had access to at these kinds of brunches with super cute cake pops, panna cotta, mini cheesecakes and more little bites than our inner-children could handle. We mean, CAKE POPS for goodness sake. After devouring at least four each, and washing them down with a glass or three of wine, it was time to leave – like, literally, the buffet was closing and we HAD to leave. Watch out Napa Grill… We’ll be back.

Find out more about Napa Grill’s Friday Brunch on Fairmont Nile City’s official Facebook page here.