Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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National Geographic Learning to Help Provide Egyptian Curriculum

Targetting students in grades four to six, the Ministry of Education is partnering with National Geographic Learning to instill them with new life skills.

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National Geographic Learning has partnered with Egypt’s Ministry of Education to provide a curriculum for grades four to six, serving more than seven million students. Egypt has the most packed education system in the MENA region, with more than 20 million students enrolled in K-12.

In order to balance the curriculum with critical problem-solving skills and job search skills, Egypt is introducing 10 to 12 years olds to a range of employment opportunities through National Geographic Learning’s system.

"We want students to learn for life, not for an exam," said Dr. Tarek Shawki, Egypt's Minister of Education and Technical Education. "We needed a partner that could help us equip students with skills for future work and life success, starting at an early age. We chose National Geographic Learning because the content, design, and pedagogy truly bring learning to life for students."

The long-term agreement will provide print and digital classroom materials for English, Social Studies, Career Skills and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - subjects at the core of Egypt’s ‘Education Vision 2.0’, a national transformation of the educational system by 2030. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) content will be provided in both Arabic and English to help improve primary school students’ English proficiency.

The curriculum will also showcase inspirational Egyptian figures and iconic National Geographic Explorers to inspire students with stories of adventure, wonder and remarkable achievement. The National Geographic Learning curriculum is currently being followed in all primary schools in Egypt, with plans to expand to fifth and sixth grade over the next two years.