Friday April 12th, 2024
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Natural Highs at Cairo’s Coolest Yoga Space Roof Flow

Born out of her own rooftop home during quarantine, and inspired by the rustic charm of Sinai, Hana El Ramly began Roof Flow to empower women to gather, heal and grow.

Staff Writer

Natural Highs at Cairo’s Coolest Yoga Space Roof Flow

Bringing all the rustic charm and laid back vibes of Sinai to Cairo, Roof Flow is the yoga studio helping you find your balance above the city. “I became a certified yoga teacher three years ago and started teaching,” Founder Hana El Ramly tells #CairoScene. “I happened to move into a rooftop home a few months ago and took the opportunity during quarantine to start holding classes for girls there.”

A 200 RYT teacher and kitesurfer, El Ramly’s studio has already gathered a roster of five or six instructors to teach many different kinds of yoga, including vinyasa and yinyang, exclusively to women. The studio also hosts healing workshops like Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce stress and anxiety, alongside spirituality and energy healing workshops. They’re also hoping to introduce arts classes in the near future.

“I wanted to create a safe space for girls to destress,” El Ramly says. “Sinai is my favourite place in Egypt, and I designed the studio with all these elements in mind to create a space where you can just forget about the chaos of Cairo for some time.”