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Naughty Salah

Egypt's shining football star, Basel's Mohammed Salah, has come under criticism from fans for kissing a Swiss female official on the cheek when accepting his Best Player prize.

One of the very few shining lights to come out of the Egyptian football scene this year after, hiring an American spy-khawaga-howa-mish-fahim-haga and then failing to qualify for the World Cup, is the dazzling performance of 21-year-old Egyptian winger Mohammed Saleh who plays for Basel in Switzerland. Now touted as one of the best young players in the game after a slew of match winning goals in the Champions League, his career, it seems, has taken a turn for the worse, this week.

A disgusting lustful act at the SAFP 'Golden Player' award ceremony has left his fans in dismay about the player's integrity. And "player" seems to be the right word; not content with just scoring on the pitch, when he went up on stage to collect his award for Best Player he kissed the female presenter on the cheek.

Now, we know what you're thinking: isn't that customary in both European and Egyptian culture? To kiss women on the cheek when greeting them? Well no, you could tell by looking into Mohammed Saleh's eyes that there was something more sinister about it. It was like watching porn. Saleh and Egypt fans have been in as much outrage over the incident as are we. He is giving Egyptian football a terrible name like this.

“They have spoiled my joy as they forgot the prize and concentrated on the lady kissing me,” Salah said speaking to the Egyptian channel Al-Hayat.

“Anywhere I go here in Switzerland people applaud, while my native fans criticise me.”

Damn straight. You disgust us Saleh, you'd be better off in a brothel than football pitch. Check out the vulgar incident below and tell us what you make of it...