Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Nawaf Al Nassar: Saudi’s Design Storyteller

In this SceneNowSaudi exclusive we delve deep into the world of this prolific Jeddah-based interior designer.

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Nawaf Al Nassar: Saudi’s Design Storyteller

Stepping into Nawaf Al Nassar’s Jeddah-based studio, with its cacophony of books and art, unfurled fabrics and framed motley memories feels like slipping into an alternate plane where it’s OK to while away the morning sipping tea and talking about beautiful things just for the joy of it.

The interior designer and art director behind 3N Jeddah (the three Ns being his name, his father’s name — Nahar — and their family name) has lent his whimsical willful imagination to prestigious projects across Saudi, Cairo, Beirut, London, Paris and the south of France. He dabbles in fashion and furniture design, crafts epic narratives born in and of the spaces where East and West interlace. He tells stories.

He is also the founder of Tasmeem Fair — a Saudi-based art platform for young designers to showcase their creativity. As a young designer studying in London he himself was mentored by designs icons including Zaha Hadid, Philippe Starck and Gianfranco Ferré.

In this @scenenowsaudi exclusive, we had the immense privilege of spending a beautiful sun-dappled morning with Al Nassar in his Jeddah studio where he shared stories of art, heritage, history, design and what may be his greatest love… Saudi Arabia.

Photo & Video by MO4 Network for SceneNowSaudi

Curation by Culturvator / @artdegypte