Sunday March 26th, 2023
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New Social Club for People With Disabilities is Being Built in Helwan

The social club is part of a larger government initiative to accommodate people with disabilities, and help integrate them into society.

Cairo Scene

The Egyptian Cabinet has allocated 32,2012 m2 of government-owned land for a new social club to be built in Ain Helwan. The social club will be made especially for people with disabilities, as part of a larger initiative by the Egyptian government to help integrate them into society by addressing their needs.

This is not the only project aiming to simplify life for people with disabilities; Alexandria’s Mandara Beach opened a section for people with disabilities in July 2021, with wheelchair accessible areas and on-ground assistants. In early 2022, it also integrated a number of features to accommodate people with visual impairments, becoming the first public beach in Egypt to do so.