Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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This New Stunning Compound in Sokhna is Changing the Weekend Game

Capital Development and El Shrouk's newest compound, Laguna Bay in Ein El Sokhna is on the fast track to becoming everyone's long weekend getaway.

Staff Writer

Here’s the thing about Cairo: no matter how much you love this city, it can be quite exhausting. Between its constant traffic jams and obnoxiously loud inhabitants, we get that people sometimes need a break from the chaos - and the perfect place to get that break is in Sokhna.

Sokhna is awesome for many reasons, namely: it has excellent food, plenty of booze, a beautiful beach, and it’s only a 90 minute drive from Cairo. Unfortunately though, there are quite a few downsides to Sokhna, too. Like the fact that most compounds’ beaches are made up of rocks. And that any decent restaurant is at least 50 minutes away. Oh, and there’s very little access to services. Luckily though, the peeps at Capital Developments know what’s up and they’re answering all our prayers with their newest Sokhna compound: Laguna Bay.

Laguna Bay, which is located on the new Galala Highway, stretches out over 1.5 kilometres of beachy heaven. It's on the fast track, has themed pools, a clubhouse complete with a gym, a spa, indoor heated pools, and a supersized kids area for parents to leave children while they take the day off. But probably the most impressive thing about this compound is the super long sandy beach, where you can indulge in water sports including kitesurfing and snorkeling, or go boat fishing in Laguna Bay’s very own Marina - all year round.

Aesthetically speaking, Laguna Bay has it all. The chalets, penthouses, maisonettes, and villas can all be accessed through either a skywalk or the promenade, and to make it even better, all units have a full view of the sea and year-round services, including room service, house keeping, and property management. Some are even fully furnished by Egyptian interior design giant Eklego, with kitchens from Amr Helmy.

Finally, here's the cherry on top of the cake: Laguna Bay has a ten percent down payment and a seven-year installment plan that starts with a 132K deposit and a 11K monthly installments.

We don’t know about you, but we’re already packing for the next long weekend.

Check out the full details on Laguna Bay’s website.

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