Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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New Zamalek Wellness Centre Bienetre Offers Holistic Approach to Beauty

As life in Cairo takes its toll on you, both emotionally and physically, Bienetre has just opened in Zamalek to treat the aesthetic and psychological aftermath.

Staff Writer

Founded by Dr. Manal Hussein, Bienetre (BE) a wellness institute in Zamalek, aims to promote well-being by offering services that work together towards mind and body. Focusing on natural ingredients and methods of healing the institute promotes a belief that it is up to us and the choices we make to be and live better. Often we find ourselves drawn into a routine especially when living in the city; soon enough you get lost in your job, your family life, trying to keep up with friends, so you forget to take care of yourself. The institute offers services that work hand in hand so as to effectively target your state of mind in order to prioritize yourself, better your health and strike a balance to be there for yourself and others, “you shouldn’t wait till you hit a bump in the road in order to start focusing on your wellbeing, health and wellbeing should be an ongoing priority for you not something you are forced to seek”, tells us Dr. Hussein.

BE offers a variety of services from semi-permanent to permanent make up to a psychiatrist and life coach, furthermore the wellness hub offers massages and physiotherapy so you can relieve the stress you carry around with you. Our lifestyles have so many different angles, all important and need to be catered to, such as what you eat, how you feel, the products you use and more. You may think your weekly mani-pedi is a treat but in actual fact you are exposed to harmful toxic chemicals, this doesn’t mean deny yourself such treats, go for the manicure you love but use products that will not be harmful to your body. 

The institute’s services also work to aid cancer patients, pre-during and post cancer treatment. The amount of negativity that is constantly bombarding cancer patients is the last thing needed, when your body is in a state of fighting a disease whether it is cancer or a common cold, the worst thing to do to your immunity is be in a negative place. Looking good gives a sense of empowerment and an overall look good, feel good approach that the institute encourages.

BE has brought the ELITE wig franchise to Egypt, which is the most well known in Paris and in the world. The brand is a popular choice for cancer patients and simply those who want to rock a different look altogether. The wigs are flawless in the sense that they are both practical and comfortable, go diving and then straight to your party. The centre is currently hosting renowned French coiffeuse and hair expert Melissa in Egypt for a few months at the moment, her reputation precedes her so you don’t want to miss the chance to get your hair done by a real pro.

At the end of the day, your wellbeing is up to you.