Sunday June 16th, 2024
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International Footballer Neymar Jr. Just Got a Beach House at Citystars AlSahel

Gather round, stalkers, we even know his house number!

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International Footballer Neymar Jr. Just Got a Beach House at Citystars AlSahel

The glitzy sands and pristine waters of the Mediterranean are calling for us; Sahel season is officially upon us y'all! As we quickly take layers off our clothes and head out to the beach, one question looms over us- what is the place to call home this summer? For one international footballer, namely Neymar Jr., that question has been settled once and for all, and his answer was Citystars Al Sahel.

In their most recent ad, ARCO DEVELOPMENT's Citystars Al Sahel announced that the Brazilian Neymar, one of the world's most expensive players, is to spend his summer and living it up in his newly-acquired - and might we add; GORGEOUS - villa at Citystars Al Sahel. And for the life of each stalker inside of us, we now also know it's villa number 10. Take it easy on those night vision goggles, folks.

However, such a decision was no walk in the park, even for Neymar; for Citystars Al Sahel encompasses the largest variety of villas, chalets and cabanas Sahel is yet to know. The lucky Sahelites calling Citystars AlSahel home will also get their own PRIVATE beach! Yes, a piece of land overlooking the mediterranean or one of the numerous crystal blue lagoons could be entirely yours in Citystars Al Sahel's new phase THE WHARF. Stretching over 3 million square metres, ARCO DEVELOPMENT's Citystars Al Sahel also comes fully equipped with international beach clubs, saint tropez-inspired beach La Voile Rouge, themed swimming pools, a mall, luxury hotels and above all, ladies and gentlemen, OPTIONS. 

Everything from 5-bedroom villas with lush gardens, 4-bedroom villas, 3-bedroom villas, all the way to stylish condos for those who like to keep everything in sight, Citystars Al Sahel is upping Sahel's residential game once and for all.

So if spending your summer unwinding in Sahel sounds like your seaside mode de vie, or if you'd like to literally call Neymar your neighbour, book your unit now.

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