Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Nike Well Festival is Coming to Dubai’s Nara Desert Resort

Having previously been held in London and Johannesburg, Nike is bringing their wellness festival to Dubai for the first time.

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Nike Well Festival is Coming to Dubai’s Nara Desert Resort

American athletics apparel giant Nike is bringing the Nike Well Festival to Dubai on April 27th and the 28th. The two-day event - which previously took place at wellness hotspots like London and Johannesburg - will be held in a custom-built location at the Nara Desert Resort, hosting a weekend of movement, mindfulness and sound.

The festival caters to individuals of all fitness levels and interests, offering a diverse range of experience across four distinct zones: ‘The Energy Circle’, ‘The Conversation Pit’, ‘The Sanctuary’ and ‘The Wadi’. ‘The Energy Circle’ will offer high intensity interval training (HIIT), dancing and yoga, ‘The Conversation Pit’ will host a number of different workshops and panels on subjects related to health. ‘The Sanctuary’, meanwhile, will offer healing sessions, while ‘The Wadi’ will provide a selection of nourishing refreshments and snacks.

Tickets cost AED150 per day per person, with all proceeds going towards the Al Jalila Foundation, a charity organisation that promotes medical education and research in the UAE, in partnership with Heroes of Hope, an organisation focused on developing and supporting athletes’ sporting, social and interpersonal skills.