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No, I Don't Speak Hieroglyphics

As if dealing with Cairo Airport officials wasn't hard enough, Aida Aly discovers a wealth of ignorance when she made it abroad. Here are 10 answers to westerners' stupid questions:

I’m pretty sure any Egyptian that has been to a western country has been asked the same question over and over again. “Oh my god, you’re from Egypt? Do you ride a camel?” It takes all the will power you have to not snap your fingers and go “No, bitch, I drive a Kia Cerato.” Instead, you smile and respectfully answer with a short “No.”  Well, I however, am sick of all the ignorant Europeans and Americans who don’t know the first thing about our culture. So here’s a list of answers to questions you may have when meeting an Egyptian, westerners, because come on, you really don’t want to come off looking more ignorant than a person from a third world country, now do you?

No, we do not go to school on a camel.

Yes, we have heard of the Internet.

No, we do not live in pyramids.

No, Egypt is not the capital of Morocco. (Seriously?)

Yes, we do know how to use a laptop.

We can speak English because we have schools. (Shocker, isn’t it?)

No, not all our women are veiled.

Yes, some of us drink alcohol.

No, we do not speak hieroglyphics.

And my all-time favourite: Yes, we know what a McDonald’s is.

I genuinely hope this was somewhat helpful because the next time I get asked a stupid question, I’m going to smack a hoe.