Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Not Just a Game: Egypt's Emerging Esports Scene

The multibillion dollar esports industry is having its breakout moment in Egypt. In this special docu-feature we dive deep into the movement as local teams like RA'AD and Team Myth score global wins.

John Bichara

With an incredible 40 million gamers (and counting) Egypt is home to one of the fastest growing esports markets in the world with its top players fast gaining global recognition. In this CairoScene exclusive, Senior Editor John Bishara speaks to some of the most prolific players and platforms within this fascinating and ferociously powerful community including the likes of organisers BME Esports, major pro team RA'AD whose Valorant crew won big at VRL 2022 MENA, and rising stars Team Myth who defied the odds and reigned victorious in West CFEL (CrossFire Elite League) in 2021.