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Omar’s Top 9 Adventure Tips

If there’s anyone to take adventure advice from, it’s the master mountaineer himself. Get inspired by Omar Samra in 9 easy steps…

I woke up this morning feeling inspired, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on what adventure is and is not. Share this blog if you have a friend who needs some #Adventure inspiration…

#Adventuring in Peru

9- #Adventure is not just about big and long trips. It’s also about doing the small things you’ve never done before; things that scare you.

8- #Adventure is not about ticking boxes of where you’ve been, it’s about what you do when you get there. Feed your soul, not your ego.

7- #Adventure doesn’t always involve traveling, it can be about doing the things you usually do in creative, fun and exciting new ways.

6- #Adventure is about sometimes taking the long or different road home; walk, row or cycle (or all 3) there if you never have!

5- #Adventure is not about being competitive; it’s about inspiring those around you to lead unconventional lives and be happy.

4- #Adventure is about learning to appreciate the simple and important things in life and feeling gratitude for every breath we take.

3- #Adventure is about operating in the “discomfort zone” and discovering what your talented human spirit is able to achieve. You will surprise yourself.

2- #Adventure is what YOU think is an adventure; not Felix Baumgartner or Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

1- #Adventure is not optional. Don’t make excuses; start today!