Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Orman Park's Annual Flower Fest Blooms to Life on March 1st

The annual flower festival at Orman Park will begin on March 1st, offering visitors access to an open-air market full of vivid, colourful plants.

Cairo Scene

The annual Orman spring flowers fest is back this March.

The event isn’t just for ogling at nature’s splendour. Think of the fest as more of an open-air market. Have you been pinning for a Pinterest-perfect living room overflowing with indoor plants? Or maybe you’ve been staring at that plastic plant on your desk and thinking, ‘This imposter can’t give me true love like the real thing can?’ That’s okay, this is the place to turn your plant-based dreams into your reality.

The festival runs at the Orman Park in Dokki from March 1st to April 15th, from 10 AM to 10 PM daily. Alexa, water our plants please.