Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Overheard at the Lagna


Staff Writer

(Scroll down for English translation)

Also overheard at lagnas...

"Ana babos 3ala shantat el bint bas ana 3ayez abos 3ala biz el bint"

"Fi waladeen we wahda bent ma3ahom... ya3ni akeed sharmoota! Hanwa2afhom."

"Eh dah! Mercedes gaya... Akeed ibn wazeer, mish hankalemo!"

"Eh dah! BMW gaya... Akeed fi mokhadarat!"

"Fi wahed agnaby dakhel 3aleyna. Wadoo 3ala Amn el Dawla."

"Fi waladeen sha3rohom taweel. Tab3an hanfatesh el 3arabeya."

"Fi microbus dakhel 3alayena, hanakhod meno feloos."

"Kolo khayef men el radar, mahadesh khayef meny."

"Fi Pizza Hut gai delwati. Hanakhod meno el pizza."

"Fi wahid meshaghal Teslam El Ayady. Han3ady."


"I'm looking in the woman's boot but I want to look at her boobs."

"What is this Nacelle?"

"There's two guys and one girl with them, I mean obviously she's a prostitute. I'm going to stop them."

"Hmm, I want to go score.... wait, there's a car coming now."

"Someone has tinted windows on his car, I'm going to fuck him up inside and no one will see"

"There's a Mercedes coming now. Obviously, he's the son of a minister, I'll let him go."

"There's a BMW coming now, obviously there's drugs inside."

"Someone is rolling a cigarette. I mean, obviously, it's hasheesh. I'll put him in the box."

"There's a foreigner coming now, I will take him to the National Guard."

"There's two guys coming with long hair, obviously, I'm going to search the car."

"There's a taxi coming towards us now, I'm going to take money from him."

"This street is empty, we'll put a check point here so there's traffic."

"Great night! We got three grams and two coins"

"Everyone is scared of the radar. No one is scared of me."

"A Pizza Hut bike is coming now. I will take the pizza from him."

"Someone is playing Teslam El Ayady in his car. I will let him pass."