Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Pamper Yourself at This Adorable New Beauty Salon in Heliopolis

Monica Beshay’s Le Paradis salon is more than just a nail salon; it combines beautiful-smelling, chemical-free products relaxing treatments to produce a spa-like experience.

Staff Writer

Feeling stressed? Of course you are, you live in Cairo. Head to Heliopolis’ newly opened Le Paradis salon and nail spa which provides the ultimate in pampering and relaxation - which you will probably need after driving there and swearing at the twelve microbuses who casually cut you off on your way over.

Leaving your cares at the pretty entrance gate, enjoy not just a manicure and pedicure, but a wide range of treatments. The salon has both an Egyptian and a Thai massage therapist, and provides the full range of skincare treatments, including make-up, waxing, scrubs, facials, and Moroccan bath.

What makes this place extra exciting, however, are the products they use. Monica Beshay, the brains behind the operation, explains, “I was inspired by handmade products made from natural ingredients – no fakeness! I wanted to integrate these into a hygienic setting to provide an experience that can satisfy everyone.” Delicious treats, including Beshay’s vanilla and mint sugar scrubs, are available to purchase at the salon, and very soon she plans to introduce mini gift boxes, which will be given to clients to take home with them.

Le Paradis has a very different feel to other Cairo salons where everything is all-monochrome-everywhere; this spot is a riot of crazy hues. "I really wanted to play with colour," Beshay tells us, referring primarily to the chairs sporting funky patterns which compliment neutral-toned walls. Indeed, she considers sensory-stimulation an important aspect of the experience. "I made sure to pay attention to sound and smell as well; to create a serene environment, we use white musk fragrance throughout the salon, and play soft, melodic covers of the latest tunes."

Check out Le Paradis’ Instagram and Facebook to plan your visit!