Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Phi Salt Cave Brings Siwa-Style Salt Therapy to Cairo

Opened in Heliopolis’ Sheraton district in 2019, Phi Salt Cave is built to resemble a literal cave with walls covered in Siwan salt, offering all sorts of Siwan salt therapies.

Farah Ibrahim

Siwa’s salt lakes aren’t just gorgeous, they’re said to hold the power to help heal your body. These rejuvenating energies aren’t limited to their salt baths or distinctive salt lamps; simply breathing salty air is being offered as an alternative form of therapy called halotherapy.

Proponents of halotherapy claim that it can help alleviate the intensity of respiratory conditions like asthma or bronchitis. Some also claim it can absorb negative energy, and address skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Salt caves that provide this alternative therapy are scattered all over Egypt, from Taba to Giza - but if you’re looking to try it out in Cairo, there’s no place like the Phi Salt Cave.

Opened in Heliopolis’ Sheraton district by Dr. Turki Tarek in 2019, Phi Salt Cave is built to resemble a literal cave with walls covered in Siwan salt. “Because of how far away Siwa is, not enough people are exposed to this healing practice or ever have the chance to experience it,” Dr. Tarek tells #CairoScene. “I wanted to make it easier for them by bringing it to Cairo.” 

Much like gargling salt water or using flotation tanks, halotherapy can be used in a dry method like Dr. Tarek’s salt cave, which uses halogenerators to release microscopic salt particles into the air. After relaxing in a bean bag and burying your feet in Siwan salt for 45 minutes, you emerge anew. And for those who want to keep the wellness going, Phi Salt Cave occasionally hosts yoga classes, so you can tackle whatever’s keeping you down from multiple fronts.