Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Pimp My Earphones

Forget extortionate prices and celebrity endorsements - it just takes a creative mind to convince us to buy new earphones!

Staff Writer

Remember back in the day when people made friendship bracelets? Ah, the good old 90s. We had neither the skill nor the patience to actually make them, but our more talented friends made them for us. Or we channelled our inner consumer and bought them. That what talentless people do. Anyway, the 90s are totally back in a big way. Plaid shirts around your waist? Defos. Chokers? Yeah, you look like you have a fat neck and you also have a double chin but like, so on trend. And friendships bracelets, intricately woven in a kaleidoscope of coloured threads, are slowly but surely finding their way back onto our wrists. Though now they’re less of a cute 90s kids kind of thing, and more in hipster territory. But like, you have to have like, faded threads y’know?

Anyway, when our Instagram travels took us to Creativeland Egypt, we were all like OH MY GOD OUR CHILDHOODS HAVE RETURNED. Oodles of Technicolour wrist adorners. But what’s even better are these little creative bunnies found a totally new way to incorporate friendship bracelets into our lives, wrapping earphones cords with pastel-hued threads in creative patterns. Umm…we love. It’s the first time we’ve seen this idea and the coolness level of thread-wrapped earphones far exceeds that of any regular earphones. You can either send them your earphones and they thread around them, or you buy earphones plus twisty magic. You’ll feel like a modern day hippie walking around with them, listening to indie (akid) tunes. Or at least that’s what we imagine it’ll feel like.

You can follow them on Instagram @creativeland_egypt.