Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Planning Your Fairy Tale Wedding in The Centre of Cairo Has Never Been Easier

Don't give up on love just yet.

Staff Writer

There comes a magical time in each person's life where it's perfectly appropriate to unleash one's inner control freak and detail-obsessed maniac; otherwise known as the bridezilla syndrome. It's around that time that seemingly-simple decisions like picking napkin patterns or deciding where to seat the brother of a father's business partner's cousin suddenly feels like tiptoeing around landmines. With everyone and anyone having something to suggest or a forgotten detail to point out, it could easily feel overwhelming and would force even the most hopeless romantic to ask the inevitable question: how much do I really want to marry this person?

Luckily, most of those wedding planning traumas are soon becoming history as the world famous Steigenberger Hotel Tahrir comes to the rescue with the most attractive wedding packages in the capital. In addition to its strategic location on the outskirts of Tahrir Square, right in the heart of the city, Steigenberger Hotel Tahrir has come forth with a variety of wedding halls which cater to the ever-changing fantasies of brides and grooms everywhere. And there is nothing like inviting people to the city centre for your night and sparing everyone the drive and the road trip-makeup-meltdown trauma of far, far away weddings. We've all been there... You drive for hours, endure traffic, and arrive looking like Harley Quinn on a bad day. With tranquillising pre-wedding massages and spa pampering (right at your proverbial doorstep), the happy couple could rest assured they will be walking into the spotlight as fresh as newborn babies. After all the dancing and schmoozing, the newlyweds will be treated to a deluxe suite after the party of their lives comes to an end. The hotel will also serve a romantic post-wedding dinner prepared by the best chefs in the city for the bride and groom. Keeping it warm and cosy, the couple's entourage of beloved friends and family get special discounts to the hotel's elegant rooms and spa. Although, we advise a booking where their rooms are as far away as humanly possible, for obvious reasons.Spare yourself the drama of not inviting that distant relative you last met when you were five, Steignberger Tahrir also offers extra space for 10 percent more guests for early bookings. And not only will the Steingenberger go out of its way so you can save face, the newlyweds can have their pick of the franchise's hotels around the globe to spend their honeymoon in, making it one less major decision they have to make.

Don't give up on love just yet, because planning your fairy tale wedding has never been easier as it is at the Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir.

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