Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Porto Said's Porto Sporting Club is Doing Fitness Differently

Located in Amer Group’s unique development, Porto Sporting Club boasts the same level of facilities and opportunities as any big club in the country.

Cairo Scene

Long gone are the days when Cairo was the centre of everything in Egypt. Whether along the Red Sea or the North Coast - or anywhere in between - top-notch facilities and unique opportunities are popping up all over the country, including Port Said, where Porto Sporting Club has made quite the impact. Located in Amer Group’s unique development, Porto Said, the club boasts the same level of facilities and opportunities as any big club in the country.

Sitting across eight acres, the club - which is managed by Amer Group subsidiary, Porto Sports - is the first and only beachfront club in Egypt, taking advantage of the Mediterranean coast. Impressively, it has a number of partnerships with other major international clubs and sporting institutions. On the football front, they have the Egypt-based academy Belgian giants, Anderlecht, while they can count PadelPod of Cairo as a partner for the sport of Padel. Meanwhile, Spark is their official partner for handball, basketball and volleyball, while Sportex is the martial arts.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg of a club with high ambitions, one that also is looking to partner with other groups on big events. One example of this is the recent Porto Sporting Club Beach Race, in collaboration with The TriFactory.

The Porto Sporting Club Beach Race saw hundreds of participants of all ages and backgrounds take part in a 5K obstacle race that took them through the new Porto Sporting Club and hotel complex, as well as various residential areas, giving the event an all-terrain, all-action feel. In addition to the main 5K run, there was also a 1K run for kids, making it a day for the whole family rooted in getting fit and enjoying the great outdoors - the first of many more similar events to come. Membership is now open and in the grand scheme of sports and fitness in Egypt, Porto Sporting Club stands as one of the most unique prospects for budding athletes.