Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Preview: Wok and Walk's New Pan-Asian Menu

We headed to Maadi's favorite Chinese restaurant to be among the first to try their new pan-Asian menu, spanning from India to Japan and everything in between.

Staff Writer

Wok and Walk. Every Maadian’s go-to Chinese place. Fried rice? Wok and Walk! Crispy egg noodles? Wok and Walk bardo! Prawn crackers? Ma2olna Wok and Walk! Except Wok and Walk isn't just going to be Chinese anymore, it's going full on Asian. From the spices of India to the subtle tastes of Japan and more, Wok and Walk has infused itself with every flavour of Asia. 

We headed to Maadi's infamous Road 9 to get our first taste of their new menu before its launch.  We had fried wontons as our appetiser, Indian rice with chicken tandoori with lemon butter sauce as our main course, and a fried banana roll with Nutella for dessert. The wontons portion are fairly big (as in, you can share but lol no, of course we didn't do that). We chomped away at the wontons, enjoying the bite and texture of its crunchy skin and the flavoursome prawn filling that you don't usually get at most Asian restaurants in Cairo. 

The Indian rice was cooked well and properly seasoned, but without the naan bread (not available on their menu at the moment) it felt like something was missing in this dish, which their newly added chicken tandoori fixed instantly. The chicken was moist and tender while the sauce it was served in was sweet and spicy. Now, we're not usually a fan of spicy food, but combination of ingredients at Wok and Walk really won us over.  And then it was time for dessert which we knew we were going to love before we tasted it because A) Fried food is better than normal food; B) Bananas are our favourite fruit and C) WHO THE FUCK DOESN'T LOVE NUTELLA? The fried banana roll with Nutella was seriously, seriously delicious. It was big, fat and creamy but that didn't stop us from eating it fe bo2 wa7ed.

Wok and Walk will launch their new menu on Thursday 22nd. Go to their Facebook page for the chance to win loads of prizes on the day of the launch from free meals, mugs and more.