Saturday September 30th, 2023
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Proper Move: Real Estate 101

Proper Move Marketing and Consulting Agency is about to create real estate renaissance; we sit down with Yehia Haggag and Adham Gaber to understand the inner workings of the company that’s changing the way we live, invest and move.

Staff Writer

What’s real in real estate? Proper Move is a company that puts this intricate market into perspective. Their edge lies in that they are loyal to the client and the client alone; with a hefty responsibility of remaining credible, they are committed to providing the right buy for their clients.

Whether you wish to buy, sell or invest; Proper Move stands apart thanks to the knowhow they have acquired of the industry. It is so easy to find yourself lost in a market that is seriously bogged down by a complicated legal process leading to bad purchases, bad investment and bad sales. Going through Proper Move is a means to avoid all that and get the purchase that is right for you, “Why go through us? Simply because we make life easier and remove all the hassle. If you go directly to the compound of course they won’t tell you their negative traits nor create a proper comparison with other compounds. We are not biased; we have a consultation session with each client to see what you need. You walk out of here a winner,” tells us confident Marketing Executive Yehia Haggag.

Some may call them brokers but we see them as a group of real estate psychiatrists with  free consultations and commission-free transactions as standard for anyone who walks into their New Cairo office. “I will tell my client what’s what. I will sum up the whole market for you there and then, giving you the inside scoop on the pros and cons of different compounds and development. Upholding our credibility is very important for us, we work with big development companies like Sodic and Palm Hills, as well as compounds that are just starting out. At the end of the day, we are loyal to our clients. It isn’t just about executing the deal but putting our client first,” explains Haggag. “Investing in real estate is your strongest investment; you can’t lose by having property, it’s just about making the right choice. Also prices are going up, so we help you to know when to buy and, more importantly, when to sell.” Commercial Manager Adham Gaber tells us that an investment portfolio is created thereby creating long term relationships with clients; “We are more consultants than brokers. For those who want to invest we create a long term plan what you will buy, when you will sell, the rates expected...a whole portfolio.”

Engrossed in the market they know the dirty secrets and also the positive aspect of each development and they will not be afraid to tell you. Which compounds will tell you your villa will be ready in a year when in actual fact you won’t live to ever see it be built and which compounds cater to your exact requests and fit your finances all fall under their expertise. “The client may come in with something in mind but we have to start questioning them, brainstorming what exactly they’re is looking and that way we can open their eyes to things they may have missed,” explains Gaber. This is also helped by having a team who have had at least seven years of experience in real estate each, and as such, are constantly updating themselves on the market. Not only do they keep up to date with the local industry but they also make sure to hold exhibitions in the Gulf providing information on the market to those who can’t be on the ground to do the needed research

When real estate deals go bad...they go very bad. Proper Move is there to avoid the bad by providing an unbiased service, “we want people to walk out of here knowing that they got the better end of the deal,; it isn’t about our profit or the developers it’s about the client and that’s our edge,” concludes Gaber.

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