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Quarantivity is the Egyptian Board Game Giving Us Life During Lockdown

10% of its profits will go towards the Breathe Campaign to create locally-made ventilators.


Quarantivity is the all-in-one board game merging 19 different games to breathe life to our time under quarantine— and help bring an end to it.

With 10% of their profits going towards The Breathe Campaign, which aims to locally create ventilators in order to meet hospital demand, the new board game is the all-Egyptian solution to boredom at home and to the healthcare crisis throughout the country.

Created by Mostafa Sedky, alongside siblings Ahmed and Farah Selim, they were able to design, create and bring their brainchild to life in just 19 days.“We wanted it to be based in pop culture and mainstream subjects, so it’s very relatable to players and relevant to what’s going on in our world today,” Sedky told CairoScene.

The best part is, with the way Quarantivity is designed, you no longer have to fight over which game to play. The new pastime combines pretty much every game under the sky, including charades, Autobus Complete, Taboo, blind Pictionary - if anything will test your supreme mastery over family fun time to its very limit, it's this.

Quarantivity is divided into four different colour categories: Quentin Talentino (blue), Moma Lisa (pink), J.K. Reading (yellow), and Albert Brainstein (green). We must warn you, though, some of these tasks are not for the faint of heart. Like impersonating Ismail Yassin without talking, for example. Seriously, this is harrowing stuff.

Although the first two batches have already been sold out, a third and much larger order will soon be available at LE450 each. You can order one for yourself through their Instagram account at @quarantivityboardgame.