Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Queen Jewellery: Warrior Goddess

These gorgeous chunky silver statement pieces are ideal for letting your inner Xena the Warrior Princess out, while channeling some Arabian queen at the same time...

Staff Writer

It’s no secret we are rather the avid fans of going slightly, very overboard when it comes to accessorising. If some is good, then more must be better! If you can’t see a single sliver of skin remaining on our necks and wrists and fingers because they’re laden with lush silver pieces, then that’s just how we like it. We also like to think that the extra kilo or two (or five or seven) we gained comes down to the weighty jewellery we’re wearing, and not the daily extra-large stuffed crust pizzas we’ve been ordering. So when we came across Queen, a vintage and ethnic jewellery retailer on Instagram, we proceeded to ooh and aah over the statement silver pieces and fervently skim through their feed, wanting to buy our own weight in arm candy. It’s good exercise for your arms when you wear a lot of bracelets obviously. It’s practically like going to the gym.

Arabian princess met warrior queen: that’s essentially the aesthetic this jewellery brand seems to capture perfectly. The pieces give new meaning to the word chunky; think giant statement necklaces that would put Olivia Palermo to shame, cool hand pieces with an ethnic feel, and stacks of silver rings that could easily double as weapons. We’d make dark alleyways our bitch with those rings. And the way they’ve displayed the pieces on their Instagram, styled as oodles and oodles of jewellery adorning every part of the models’ bodies, is exactly how we want to wear the elaborate pieces. Not like we’d end up looking anything like the lithe, gorgeous, leggy nymphs they have featured on their feed, but whatever, a girl can dream.

The pieces do, however, kind of look like replicas of the type of thing you can head to Khan El Khalili and purchase for about a quarter of the price. These are essentially the same pieces you find scattered in every third stall at the authentic marketplace, but at a huge mark-up because, well, spoiled Egyptians are willing to buy things that are overpriced. In fact, it’s precisely up their alley. Having said that, the jewellery is undeniably beautiful, have a vintage, authentic feel, and work either on their own or all layered up!

Check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @queeninc_v