Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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CairoScene Ramadan Guide 2018

We've compiled all the Cairo happenings throughout the holy month, because that's what we do best; SAVE LIVES.

Staff Writer

Because one can only do so much in the very limited time between Iftar and Sohour, we've compiled all the happenings in the city throughout the holy month, because that's what we do best; SAVE LIVES. From where to have iftar, sohour, and kickback with your favourite shisha as you watch your favourite mosalsal, here's everything you need to know about Ramadan hangouts this year.

For a Five StaRamadan...


Som3a Basha Ramadan Tent

Cairo Marriott is going back to the basics for Sohour with authentic street carts (but a lot cleaner) and a spectacular buffet for EGP 260. If you're after something a little hotter, get some fresh bbq off the grill for an additional EGP 150.

Price: EGP 260++

Iftar Buffet @ Omar's Cafe 

Omar's Cafe has outdone itself this year with a splendid, authentic Egyptian Buffet which will leave you fulfilled all the way to Sohour. 

Price: EGP 450++

Reservations: 02-27283000


Iftar @ La Cucina

La Cucina will be open for dinner during the month of Ramadan.  Fear not, you can still enjoy the Marriott's Italian favorites all month long.

Price: à la carte

Layaly Mirage The Beach Tent @ JW Marriott

Thinking of something to do the first day of Ramadan? And the last? And all of the days in between? Save yourself from some cooking malfunctions and let the JW Marriott's beach tent spoil you for good with a daily Iftar accompanied by live Arabian entertainment.


Iftar @ Plateau

Enjoy a regular a la carte meal or family style iftar at the Plateau with a beautiful view of the golf course and an open air atmosphere.

Price: à la carte

Sohour Buffet @ Welad El Zawat

Welad El Zawat is hosting a Sohor Buffet every day at the open air Club house with live music and entertainment to help you get through the daily struggle of Ramadan.

Price:EGP 360 (not including shisha or hot beverages)

Reservations: 02-24115588


Iftar @ 139 Pavilion

Another way to make your children excited about fasting and everything Ramadan other than a good plate of mango 2atayef is to take them out to the Marriott Mena House for Iftar. Hanging out at the café for an after-meal cup of tea will also make for a perfect setting for chit-chatting and whatnot. 

Price: EGP 485++

Reservations: 02-33773222


Chinese Iftar @ Chinoix

Noodles, dumplings, spring rolls, how else can you show your family just how much you love them this ramadan? Spice it up a little with Chinnoix's a la carte menu.

Price: à la carte

Oriental Pastries @ En Passant

En Passant has their future planned ahead, and while you could pick up all oriental pastries you can imagine throughout the month of Ramadan, when the big feast comes, you can still go to En Passant for delicious ka7k!

Iftar & Sohour @ Afandina 

Same Afandina who's got your back with sohour, has got your back with a daily iftar banquet to cater to your every craving once the canon fires by the pool - shisha included, so you could te7bes. Sohour times are often hasty, except when you're having those late-night gatherings with the family and your closest pals, munching all the way in front of the TV. Afandi will have the food and shisha ready for you from 10 PM. Don't tell us you were going to do all the cooking yourself!

Price: à la carte

Reservations: 02-24063333 


Family Iftar @ Al Khal
Ramadan is a time for family, but its also a time to indulge in a little over eating every day. The intercontinental is going to let you do both at Al Khal fora Family-Style iftar, giving you the chance to spend time with everyone and leave the cooking up to someone else.

Price: EGP 400++

Iftar Set-Menu @ Fayruz

It's stressful deciding which relative you're going to grace with your presence for Iftar, which is why Fayruz is where you wanna be. You no longer have to play favourites, just bring them all to Fayruz for a top-notch set-menu Lebanese Iftar. 

Price: EGP 460++

Sohour Buffet @ The Lounge

The closest you'll get to a party during Ramadan is happening at the Intercontinental Citystars. Eat, then dance, and then eat again at the Sohour Buffet,with a live DJ that will quench your thirst till Iftar the next day.

Price: EGP 280++

Ramadan Desserts @ The Bakery

Get your tasty Ramadan pastries and sweets , fresh and flaky, courtesy of My Bakery. The perfect gift to take to your auntie's Iftar, or just go ahead and eat them all yourself. No judgement.

Iftar @ Pool Bar

Enjoy the splendid view, have a dip, and eat your heart out at the Intercontinental City Stars' Pool Bar, offering  a set menu Iftar. Smoke a little shisha while its still halal for another 95 EGP.

Price: EGP 300++

Iftar & Sohour Buffets @ Esplanade

Ramadan is the time to get down to your roots and indulge in some live Arabian tunes - qanuns and all. Chow down to the beat with an iftar buffet for 450 EGP or the sohour buffet for 230 EGP at Intercontinental Citystars' Esplanades, which breaks the norm by combining Egyptian and International cuisine for Ramadan.

Price: EGP 450++ for iftar and EGP 230++ for sohour

Reservations: 02-24800100



Iftar & Sohour @ Rawi Restaurant

Rawi Restaurant is doing us all a favour and hosting both Sohour and Iftar for those of us too busy or too lazy to cook. For Iftar enjoy their set menu while their oriental Takhat band performs during Iftar with house music for the after iftar party. Sohour is another issue entirely, let Rawi take the cooking and the decisions off your hands with their set menu or let loose on the buffet. Lounge Music followed by a live oriental band while be serenading you as you get ready for another day of Ramadan.

Price: à la carte

Iftar & Sohour @ El Mawardia

Eating food and watching tv was always haram in my house, but at El Mawardia its encouraged with all of your favourite Ramadan Tv programs being shown while you get your set menu Iftar ( shisha available).  For Sohour you have a difficult choice to make, order a la carte from Mawardia's European/Middle eastern fusion menu or enjoy the Set-Menu and put the decision in the chef's hands. A full Oriental Takht will be making your Sohour much more lively and cheerful before you have to brave the heat and fasting ahead of you. 

Price: à la carte

Iftar & Sohour @ Pool Tent

The Sheraton has brought out their big pool tent for this years Iftars. Come by, bring the wife, the kids and get someone else to slave away in the kitchen. For Iftar there is a rotating set menu, so you can come by 5 days in a row, keep your kitchen clean and eat something different every day. For Sohour enjoy an a'la carte meal or choose between 4 set menus. Shisha is also available with tea or coffee and a mineral water for EGP 225.But that's not all folks, come during the weekdays and enjoy performances by local bands and live Takhat performances, and live singers for the weekend. Its a busy Ramadan at the Sheraton this year.

Price: à la carte

Reservations: 02-33369800


Iftar Buffet @ La Gourmandise Ramadan Tent

With a large selection of salads, mezze, carving stations, sushi stations, and so much more ready for gobbling up during iftar, there's no chance you'll catch that Mosalsal on time. The First Residence's La Gourmandise is also offering a wide selection of delicious Ramadan desserts as well as an a la carte Sohour and shisha a bit later on.

Price: EGP 475++

Iftar & Sohour @ Aura By The Pool

Whether you’d like to have your Shami iftar with a view in the outdoors, or cozy up inside, the view of the Nile 7aga tefta7 el nefs (will be enticing your appetite) with a selection mouthwatering family set-menu of salads, mezzeh, tagines, stews and fresh off-the-grill favorites for EGP 475. The Ramadan indulgence comes complete with an Iftar buffet, all Egyptian-inspired and right by the pool. You can rest a while as the live music gets you in gear or burn a few calories dancing until your ready to continue with Aura's signature a la carte Sohour menu. No need to worry about missing that Mosalsal as hotel guests will get to catch up to their favorite shows in their very own cabanas, now we're talking!

Price: EGP 475++

Reservations: 02-35672018  


Iftar Buffet @ Culina Restaurant

At the Nile Ritz-Carlton's Culina Restaurant, gourmet traditional and international dishes will be what's in for the season, while also adding an element of theatre to our Iftar experiences with interactive cooking and extravagant molecular gastronomy stations.

Price: EGP 735

Iftar & Sohour @ Wust El Balad Tent

Wust El Balad tent is to take over the Nile Ritz-Carlton's spacious garden, overlooking the Egyptian museum, to set the perfect setting for devouring Iftar and Sohour delicacies. The popular venue will be offering traditional dishes combined with a contemporary touch and, naturally, all sorts of shisha flavour and big TV screens will also be around.

Iftar & Sohour @ Al Qahirah Ballroom

The Nile Ritz-Carlton are transforming their splendid ballrooms Al Qahira  into the ultimate family gathering spot this Ramadan. A mouthwatering selection of traditional dishes will be served for Iftar and Sohour as well as traditional Ramadan beverages. Are you thinking about Amar El Din?

Price: à la carte

Iftar & Sohour @ Alf Leila Wa Leila

Alf Leila Wa Leila is one of the Nile Ritz-Carlton's most extravagant ballrooms, which is why they're turning it into THE place to be this Ramadan for families and big groups for finger-lickin' good Iftar and Sohour delicacies as well as Ramadan desserts.

Price: à la carte

Reservations: 01220110610



Iftar @ La Paloma

No need to crowd and literally bring down the house for Iftar this year, for Westin's La Paloma is serving a lavish Ramadan Iftar throughout the month for groups up to 30 people. EGP 380 per person, and as a treat for families, children will go for only an EGP 180. Afterwards you can unwind on the terrace with some soothing oriental tunes and flavourful shisha.

Price: EGP 380++, Children for EGP 180++

Corporate Iftar @ Dunes Terrace

Westin's Dunes Terrace is offering an attractive buffet package as well as set menu meals for EGP 450 to EGP 550. However since the Dunes Terrace is under such high demand, reservations must consist of a minimum of 60 guests and maximum of 120.

Price: EGP 450++ to EGP 550++

Iftar @ Pool Terrace

Enjoy the fresh air and great view while you chow down to some grade-a food at the gourmet buffet for EGP 550- EGP 650. You must have at least 220 guests in order to have your iftar at the Pool Terrace.

Price: EGP 550++ to EGP 650++

Corporate Iftar @ The Grand Ballroom

We know work events aren't usually where you want to be in your free time, however any work iftar at the Grand Ballroom is not one you want to miss out on. The ballroom's size and natural light will help you see all of your coworkers and even your supervisor in a new totally light. The package is for a minimum of 220 people and priced at EGP 450-550 per person.

Price: EGP 450++ to  EGP 550++

Reservations: 02-23228000


Iftar & Sohour @ Casa Mia 

Give yo mama a break this Ramadan and head out to Casa Mia instead. The sumptuous Sofitel dining haven is going all out with a tantalizing open buffet for both Iftar and Sohour through out the holy month. It will cost a few inches added to your waist in addition to EGP 450 for Iftar and EGP295 for Sohour.

Price: EGP 450++ for Iftar and EGP 295++ for Sohour

Iftar & Sohour @ La Palmeraie

What's Ramadan if it's not taking us back to our roots? This year at Sofitel El Gezirah's La Palmeraie, feast on your Iftar with the sounds of an actual Oriental Takht and an exquisite set menu.

Price: EGP 370++

Corporate Iftar @ Manipuri 

When was the last time you've actually seen your coworkers looking fine and not gasping for air as they try to catch that deadline? Yeah, we didn't think so. Sofitel's Manipuri corporate iftar package, however, will give you just that and with a fully-customisable Iftar menu on top.

Price: à la carte

Iftar @ El Kebabgy

In the true spirit of Ramadan, have Iftar to the tunes of an Oriental takht overlooking the Nile at Sofitel's El Kebabgy Kheima. Sparring you the hassle of deciding yourself (it's THE worst), El Kebabgy is offering a mouth-watering set menu.

Price: EGP 450++

Reservations: 02-27373737


Iftar & Sohour @ Upper Deck

The Four Seasons has your back this Ramadan. A perfectly crafted Iftar Menu or an exquisite Sohour with a pool view. You can take a quick break from eating and check out the view of the pool and pretend like the rest of Cairo doesn't exist

Price: iftar for EGP 570++ and sohour for EGP 475++

Iftar Buffet @ Zitouni

As Aziz ansari would say: Treat yo self, and thats exactly what you should do this Ramadan. Treat yourself to an authentic 5-star Egyptian Iftar Buffet. Eating great food with a spectacular view of the Nile is the perfect way to end a day of fasting.

Price: EGP 780++ (not including beverages)


Reservations: 02-27917000



Sohour @ Kempinski Nile's Rooftop 

The temperature is rising faster than Mo Salah can sprint, which is why a Sohour Beneath The Stars at Kempinski Nile Hotel is exactly what the doctor ordered. Kick back with your choice of a shisha flavour afterwards and enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Cairo.

Price: EGP 200++

Iftar Buffet @ Osmanly Turkish Restaurant 

Turkey might not land on the moon soon, but the one thing they know well is good food. This Ramadan, Kempinski Nile's Osmanly Turkish Restaurant is going all out with a lavish Iftar Buffet at which a selection of international dishes, along with traditional Arabic delicacies, will be tickling our taste buds.  

Price: EGP 350++

Reservations: 02-27980000


Iftar & Sohour @ El Lamma El Helwa

The Conrad's Jayda Nile Terrace is getting a Ramadan-makeover and becoming El Lamma El Helwa, the ultimate Ramadan tent for all those delicious Egyptian Iftar and Sohour treats. You can also follow up with your favourite matches and mosalsalat on the big TV screens all around, and with a shisha in hand.

Price: a la carte

Reservations: 02-25808000


Iftar Buffet @ Windows Cafe

An international-cuisine Iftar buffet is what awaits at the swanky Windows Restaurant over at The Holiday Inn for a budget-friendly EGP 179++. Come on an empty stoma... wait what?

Price: EGP 179++

Indian Iftar @ Idira

If you were voted most unconventional(we didn't make this up, obvi) at prom, then the Holiday Inn's Indira Indian Restaurant is the place for you this Ramadan. Ditch the Macarona Bechamel and opt for a smokin' hot Chicken Tella Masala instead at Indira's authentic Indian.

Price: EGP 180++

Sohour Buffet @ The Pool Garden

Sohours don't always need to be a frantic trip to the kitchen 10 minutes before Fajr. At the Holiday Inn's The Pool Garden, you can revel in a hearty Sohour buffet coming complete with live entertainment and a side of your favourite mosalsal.

Price: EGP 130++

Reservations: 02-27283000



Si Omar Tent

The lavish outdoor terrace which became Heliopolis' IT spot last Ramadan is back! Si Omar is at Towers Heliopolis (previously Farimont Towers Heliopolis) and it's got delicious Sohour food, flavourful shishas, and big-ass TV screens all over so you can binge watch your mosalsals AS you hangout with your besties; now that's two birds with one stone alright! 

Price: à la carte

Reservations: 02-22677730



Iftar & Sohour Buffet @ Terrace Cafe

Why head home after a hefty iftar when you could just hang at Hilton's Terrace Cafe and enjoy your evening to the sounds of a live Oud band? You can actually stay all the way to Sohour, which will be another open-buffet extravaganza of all the tastiest traditional dishes. Reservations on 01012440224.

Price: EGP 335++ for Iftar and EGP 240++ for Sohour

Iftar & Sohour @ Breezes

Ramses Hilton's Breeze's is offering extra special à la carte Iftars and Sohours by the pool. Grab a bite and enjoy mesmerising views of the Nile on the side.

Price: à la carte

Sohour @ Garden Court

Now that Ramadan is not coming in the peak of summer, spending it at Ramses Hilton's Garden Court is due. Head out there after anytime after Iftar to enjoy the breeze and views as well as some special entertainment shows (HINT: TAKHT SHARQY!)

Price:  à la carte

Reservations: 02-23946902

Eats, beats and other seasonal treats...


There are few restaurants in Cairo that lend themselves to rollicking Ramadan nights like Zamalek’s pearl, Sequoia. The menu is already Egyptian/Lebanese, it’s on the Nile, their shisha has a fan base of its own and the little touches kheyameya around the place are just adorable. This year, as has Ramadan lore, the restaurant invites Cairenes to break their fast at Iftar and fill-up for the next day at Sohour with the single most revitalising word during Ramadan – buffet. Dig in. Dig in and don’t stop.

Price: EGP 450 for Ifter, EGP 250 for sohour

Reservations: 02-27350014 



This year 3al Tawla Ramadan tent is back and better than ever, partnering with the Tap's Ramadan alter ego- EL 7anafeya- bringing you night after night of scrumptious Sohour. After you race back to your table after your quest at the buffet, you'll see that great food isn't all that EL 7anafeya has brought to 3al Tawla. During the weekdays you'll be hard-pressed not to forget the daytime struggles of Ramadan with this year’s line-up of comedians, bands and other entertainment that's waiting at the Tent, but during the weekend is when 3al Tawla really comes alive. Larger than life Hakim and Massar Egbari are just a few of the people who will be taking a break from Iftar to sing a few jolly old tunes just for you.

Price: Weekdays EGP 200 Weekends EGP 235

Reservations: 01000 37 1444  or 01000 37 7885

Layaly Capital Tent @ Capital Promenade 

Sheikh Zayed peeps, listen up. When Iftar is FINALLY behind you and it's time for some play, head out to Capital Promenade's exquisite Layaly Capital Ramadan tent for a royal indulgence at which you can order food from whatever restaurant you may fancy. Think Mori Sushi, Tamara, TED's, Eatery, Bocca, Bab Tooma, Mo Bistro, and Mawlawiyah Lounge. They call them OPTIONS. Doors open at 9PM all through to Sohour.

Price: Weekdays no minimum charge Weekends EGP 200++ minimum charge

Reservations: 01555555844



Say what you will about or poorly treated, murky-coloured Nile, but there are few better evenings spent during Ramadan than floating along under the stars in a felluca, with just the gentle sway of the water and one of those party boats blaring out some garbage shaabi music in the distance. Now, they can't really do anything about the party-boats, but what Fel Nil does offer is one of the more unique options for Iftar and Sohour, taking you as far away from land as possible into a quiet, food-laden abyss. Sounds like bliss, to be honest.

Price: EGP 500 for iftar set menu, 400 EGP for Sohour set menu.

Reservations: 01111112720 or 01111112722



Having opened just a few short months ago, SASS has emerged as a new favourites for Cairo's ever-so discerning diners thanks to its effortless blend of class and...sass (read that in southern American accent for it to rhyme. Thanks). Sitting pretty aboard the Imperial Boat in Zamalek, the restaurant boasts a suitably stunning view and for the month of Ramadan, they're adding their own spin on sohour with a rather fanciful menu of Oriental favourites, but with a...let's just go for 'sassy' again, spin.

Price: a la carte

Reservations: 01200019979 or 01201001079


It looks like weekends at the otherwise rather sophisticated and sleek Rivulet are getting Ramadan-rowdy, thanks to the Sheikh Zayed hangout spot’s own take on the traditional kheima – Al Hara. Not unlike an actual hara (alleyway) the weekend-exclusive tent is shaping up to be a rather intimate, family-friendly affair with plenty of options for sohour as well as live entertainment. Splendid.

Price: à la carte

Reservations: 19394



Even Sheikh Zayed knows how to get into the Ramadan mood. Al Guezira Plaza is setting up its own Ramadan Tent with so many different kinds of mouth-watering food and desserts, and just for this occasion a built in theater is being set up so you can watch those live performances in style. Nice.

Price: à la carte

Reservations: 02-37943417


Do Ramadan like the Lebanese with one of the most popular of these new-age, star-spangled Lebanese restaurants, (sorry bistros), Ayadina. Where a beautifully bountiful buffet for both Iftar and Sohour up for grabs. Can’t you just taste that kobeiba?

Price: EGP 300

Reservations: 01015211222


Who knew that you could enjoy Iftar while cruising down the Nile? Nile Maxim Boat is offering their traditional daily Nile dining cruises with a fabulous buffet to die for. Live entertainment will keep you occupied while you eat, or you can watch everyone fight traffic while you meander down the river.

Reservations: 01227388888



It’s quaint, it’s cute and has that rustic downtown charm about it. Yes, Eish & Malh is the culinary success that should never have been, but the restaurant is carrying one of its most popular concepts into Ramadan – the simple but sumptuous combo of food and music. For this the, holiest of holy months, oud is the weapon of choice, while you chow down a special four course set menu. Yummers.

Reservations: 01098744014