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Ramses Hilton Gives Back

We can all afford to do some good every now and then, and Ramses Hilton led by example with their Service Week, which included a trip to a children's hospital, distributing food to those in need and more…

In Egypt we could all learn to give a little more. You can't walk down the street without seeing a begging street child or poor lady selling tissues on the side of the road.

Sometimes it is easy to forget - or more likely pretend not to notice the everyday harsh realities of ordinary Egyptian life. However the big hearted guys and gals at the Ramses Hilton Hotel recently stepped up to give something back to Egypt with the launch of their Service Week.

This year's event included a host of goodwill gestures designed to help those who need it most. On October 19, the Hilton team kicked off their week of kindness with a trip  to Abou El Rish children's hospital where staff gave the Hilton gang a full tour before the crew distributed toys and goodies to the smiling kids.

The week also included a food donation day. The Hilton's hardworking kitchen brigade prepared more than 100  hot meals to distribute to local orphanages, elderly houses and charity organisations with the help of the Egyptian food bank.

However, it wasn't only people in need who benefitted from the annual campaign. The “Greener Environment Awareness Day” featured Eng. Khaled Ramses, Hilton's greenery supervisor, who explained the importance of the concept of living sustainably and gave live sessions on plantation by using recycled cans and bottles as plant pottery.

The team then started cleaning the greenery area outside the hotel and planting new greenery around the hotel in order to support the Go Green initiative.

But it wouldn't be a Hilton event without some good old fashioned tourism. And what better way to promote tourism than with a visit to the world-famous Egyptian museum. More than 25 Ramses Hilton Team Members joined this initiative and were standing at the museum entrance welcoming the tourists, presenting wrapped flowers and macaroons as gifts. 

The event was warmly received by tourists from across the world and wrapped up a fantastic week of good deeds and good fun.