Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Rana Nader Jewellery

We catch up with the woman behind the eponymous jewellery brand that's certainly caught our eye to find out more about the little bit of crazy she injects into every piece.

Staff Writer

Rana Nader Jewellery

When it comes to accessories our philosophy is the more elaborate the better; the funkier the pieces, the more you can dress like a hobo and get away with it because your accessories will counterbalance the plainness of your outfit. When we came across Rana Nader Jewellery, their aesthetic seemed to fit right into that with pieces that are bold, eclectic and whimsical. The collection ranges from what we can tentatively refer to as 'simpler' pieces – in context – featuring brass, copper and silver jewellery wound into creative shapes and designs, all the way to huge, chunky pieces that include brass and large stones, that look like they wouldn’t be out of place in an art museum.

The range of the brand is part of what we found so appealing but the entire collection has a common thread running through it; a sense of childish adventure, in the best way possible. From wire rings that look like artistic scribbles to earrings with infusions of colourful beads, the brain behind the brand, Rana Nader, says that the concept behind the pieces is really "more about the creativity; it's not controlled, it's not limited. I always look for the different and the unique."

The jewellery creator, who already had a background in art having graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, worked as an art teacher for a few years before deicing to try something "new and creative." Being an avid accessoriser herself, jewellery seemed like the perfect place for her to experiment. Her intention was to make something out of the ordinary so she took a course in jewellery-making and the rest is history. By her own admission, "a background in art really helps you." And the artsy feel is evident in her unique pieces. "You have to be a bit crazy," Nader says with a laugh, of being someone who's studied art. And the pieces do contain a little dose of crazy, looking somewhat like an art project with their unusual shapes and fun colors. "When people talk about the brand they'll say it's different," Nader tell us, "It's weird, but good weird."

For the moment, you can get your hands on the art deco-esque pieces through online orders and bazaars. You can also customise orders with the brand, stamping it with your own aesthetic, though Rana Nader's pieces are out there enough on their own, and she never repeats a piece twice. "I want people to wear accessories they wont easily find anywhere," she tells us, "Each time I make a different piece, and then each one gives more ideas for new pieces!"

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @rananaderjewellery.