Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Rani Went On A Sahel Roadshow And It Was Full of Firsts For Egypt

The dazzling events across several spots in the North Coast were among the first of their kind in Egypt with strange-music making and tonnes of freebies.

Staff Writer

There is one brand of juice which the very name of immediately makes our mouths water for the amazing flavours they have been delighting with us. Their wide variety of delicious flavours, including Peach, Guava, Pineapple, Mango, and an amazing Strawberry & Banana mix, packed into a drink with real fruit chunks, touched all of our senses, gave us great childhood memories, and they continue to give us even better ones.

So much has been Rani’s success and appeal, their outreach expanded to much more than just a sweet drink. Recently, they embarked on a sampling tour across several communities in Sahel, where we all got to enjoy fun and games, competitions, and a little something which has never come to Egypt’s shores. Not before now.

On their marvellous tour which lasted for four weekends, Rani held their illustrious events at Diplo, Marassi Beach, Lakeyard, mPorium, Amwaj Beach, Hacienda, Trux, Zahran Market, On the Run, and even the Cairo-Alex toll-station, where their iconic fruit chunk juices were handed out to those lucky enough to attend. And while they were at Marassi, they hit up the biggest concert to hit Sahel this season (you guessed it, Amr Diab's), giving out their fruit-chunk-filled juices to everyone. On display at these sites were a funky van and two VW Beetles decked out Rani-style. Cool towels and beach rackets were among some of the amazing freebies being given out, including speakers and car sunshades too! At their Hacienda activation in particular, Rani scattered floaties shaped like chunks of fruit all over Hacienda's lagoons, so that everyone could vividly see and interact with how their unique drinks really look like on the inside of their iconic cans.

The real hits of these events though, were Rani’s musical cans. These interactive music tables played songs as cans were placed on them. Everyone went wild for the gimmicks, which were making their very first appearance in Egypt. The fascinating devices were part of a competition to create the best version of the Rani song. Contestants uploaded their compositions with the hashtag #فكها_و_عيشها, where eventually the one with the highest number of likes will have the opportunity to win a brand new iPhone 7.

This summer has certainly been cool as the other side of the pillow for everyone who got to take part in the special occasion, and we are eager to see more of the same in the future from Rani.

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