Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Reebok is Dragging You Out of Bed This Weekend for the Gouna International Half Marathon

Cancel your weekend plans because Reebok is teaming up with Cairo Runners to take you to Gouna this weekend to run along the beach like the Baywatch cast for the Gouna International Half Marathon.

Staff Writer

Running is one of those things we all commend in others and want to do ourselves, but never actually do. In our dreams, we are cellulite-free creatures hitting the road at 5 in the morning in skimpy tracksuits for our daily 45-minute run before breakfast. In reality, our morning goes something like this: we are impregnated with last night’s fried chicken and waffles dinner, are already 20 minutes late for work, and would probably end up getting run over if we were to go for a run in the mean streets of Cairo.

To get us out of this rut, Reebok is teaming up with Cairo Runners for the Gouna International Half Marathon this weekend. So instead of staying in bed and wallowing in self-pity, you can actually live out your Baywatch fantasies, running your heart out with participants from all corners of the globe along Gouna’s breath-taking beaches.   The 2-day fitness frenzy will kick off on Thursday February 9th with an orientation session and an expo in the morning during which Reebok and Go Sport will be rewarding you for all the calories you’re about to blast and you’ll be getting goody bags the contents of which we are not at liberty to discuss, because we are sworn to secrecy. After that, you can kick back and enjoy Gouna, before stocking up on carbs for the big run with a Koshary party.

On Friday, be prepared to run till your legs turn to spaghetti and hopefully emerge victorious at the finish line. If you can’t make it to the finish line, you can still derive some selfless brotherly love watching the victors gloat during the closing ceremony. Plus, it’s not like you’ll be going back to your hotel room with nothing but your sore muscles to keep you company, HOH will be there to help ease your pain with their lively tunes!  

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