Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Reebok Launches in City Stars with Crazy Calisthenics Show

We meet with street workout pro Osama Fawzy ahead of his incredible display of strength at Reebok's relaunch at CityStars this Thursday, 7th May.

Staff Writer

There are two types of people in this world; your average Moes, and then your not-so-average Moes who can do things you will never (read: never ever in the history of life) be able to replicate. Calisthenics gurus are of the latter group. These freakishly fit humans, who also refer to the sport as a Street Workout, are capable of feats you couldn’t dream of. Think…raising themselves into a handstand from a stomach-down lying position. And then proceeded to do vertical push-ups in that handstand. Reebok will be opening up their uber-fit doors at City Stars this Thursday at store number 412-413, Phase 1 next to the food court on the fourth floor, and to celebrate the salubrious lifestyle they encourage, they’ve got some of these calisthenics kids on hands to show off their cool tricks.

The opening is from 7-11 PM and during that time these kickass athletes will be putting on a show for you with their wicked tricks – plus you can interact with them on the bars. We’re not sure exactly what this means – perhaps they’ll be flipping you over? On top of that, there’ll be giveaways, DJ Fabric will be blasting some beats in the background, and you have a shot at getting at getting 10% off on your on-the-spot purchase. So ahead of the opening we met up with one of these athletes, Osama Fawzy, a 20-year-old student in the faculty of sports education, and found out a little more about the sport and got a little preview of their gravity-defying moves! 

Can you tell us a bit about the sport itself?

It’s a sport called street workout. This sport relies on the weight of the body – meaning that I don’t use any external weights. It’s the opposite of the gym. At the gym you use dumbbells, bars, etc. – external weights in general – but for this sport you use movements like pull ups and push-ups, which are movements where I use my body’s own weight. So I’m able to create muscle mass through these exercises and they facilitate my ability to carry my own body.

So you don’t go to the gym at all?


So how did you get into this?

Well I used to exercise like any regular guy – I’d run, I’d train on the bar at home, that’s all. And then I saw a video on YouTube, this guy who was holding his body up sideways on pole, and I really liked this move. So I tried imitate him. And I didn’t know the name of it at all – it’s a move called ‘human flag’ – but I tried to find a way to do it, until I finally found a video that would teach me how. And then I worked on it and I was actually able to achieve it within like 6 or 7 months. I discovered that this is a sport and that this move was part of it. From then I started to watch and research the rest of the moves, and started finding out more.

So you’re entirely self-taught?

Yes, I learnt all of it through self-teaching by watching YouTube videos, or through Facebook. Without a trainer or anything. I just had the will and the dedication, and so I started learning on my own.

The whole idea behind this sport is that it’s a sport that’s not costly or anything and you can practice it in any place and at any time. You can train with push-ups, pull-ups, floor exercises and on the street to strengthen your body without needing to go to the gym. Other than that, it’s also a very unique field. 

Do you know of other people who do this in Egypt? Are you a group?

I practice it alone but some people have made a team for it. But right now I’d probably be considered the most prominent person in this sport in Egypt. The sport has gained popularity and become more widespread in the last two or so years in Egypt. Myself and a lot of other youths have tried to promote this sport through Facebook; we would like to spread the word about it. It’s actually reached a large number of people and has a big following now. There are approximately like 3000-4000 Egyptians who practice it at the moment.

Do you guys ever all get together, to train or compete or swap tips and techniques and stuff?

There have been several competitions done in Egypt; they were small but it’s still all support and encouragement for the youth who practice this sport. And we’re trying to get it to reach the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and to get a union made for it in Egypt. Because right now, there’s no institutions for it or anything. What we’re asking for is that the sport is facilitated for people. In America, for instance, they train for it in a normal public park or garden.

Are there any girls who do the street workout in Egypt?

There are quite a few actually! 

If we want to learn now, is there somewhere we can go?

Yes now there are a couple of places in Egypt. But places for girls, there aren’t so far.

What do your parents think?

They’re happy. That I tried to set myself apart, and excel at this. 

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more epic videos of Osama Fawzy performing calisthenics around Cairo! For more information on Reebok click here.