Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Revive Your Soul At The Desert Dance In Nuweiba

Teleport to another world at the Desert Dance in Nuweiba, or maybe just snorkel - close enough.

Staff Writer

Free your mind and soul avec le Desert Dance in the Sinai Desert. Finally, after a year's worth of waiting, this arts and culture festival is finally coming back to life! Take a magical, mystical, spiritual journey on the 21st of April - a journey of rebirth. Yup, you’re going to teleport from the chaos that is this planet into a completely different world and become reborn. Oh, if only there was some magical bean that you can swallow that would actually transform and teleport you into another dimension. Oh, but there is; you know what we mean…

Located near the Red Sea town of Nuweiba, this Desert Dance will basically be like a psychedelic playground where you can have the option to snorkel or swim! You’ll be in para-para-paradise. Yes, we’re using Coldplay references, because rave equals paradise. So, what’s planned for this hip event? An international lineup, bringing you sounds from every corner of the world that’ll fuel your heart with energy - aside from the live acts that’ll blow your mind, of course. DJs Beathead, Francis, Psyfonic, Raamoon, Pirato, Psychedelice, Chrizzlix, Strange Blotter, and Wootz flew all the way from Germany, Palestine, and France to share their sick beats. International indeed - however, there are a few Egyptian DJs such as Reel Brazza, Slm.z, and Uncle Sam! If this lineup doesn't impress you, then we don’t know what will. Oh, and did we mention it’s open air? We told you it’ll be in a different world, did we not? This four-day experience is probably what you need to let loose of all the troubles of the world, right? Right. So pack a bag and let’s do this thang!

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