Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Revolutionary Wear: Egypt's Newest Street Wear Brand

We speak to hip-hoppers Adham El Shazly and Ziad Aly about their too-cool-for-school range of t-shirts.

Staff Writer

Street wear as a term is toughie – it’s difficult to pin down what exact style aesthetic it encompasses but one constant is that element of casual comfort. And that – along with some quirky minimalist designs – is exactly what Revolutionary Wear represents. Before you go omg, no, not another revolution-related anything, the name and concept of the brand was actually thought up way back in 2006 by one of the founders, Adham El Shazly. “It’s not about freedom fighting, it has nothing to do with politics – at the time it just referred to being different, having a different opinion from everyone,” El Shazly tells us. He and co-founder Ziad Aly created the brand to reflect the hip-hop street culture they both revere. Aly, who is the design mind behind the brand is actually a break dancer from Swaggers dance crew (the entire crew dons Revolutionary tees), and El Shazly is a rapper, who goes by A.D. in rap circles.

So far the brand has only released a few t-shirt designs; minimal black-and-white outlines of images on everyday t-shirts; the perfect wear-all-the-time-but-I’m-also-really-cool-and-gangster kind of attire, but they’ve got more in the works. “Ziad’s currently working on more designs and we’re also planning on making sweatpants, shoes, caps…” El Shazly explains. The brand captures that comfort meets casual cool style and works for funky everyday wear. “It’s for everyone,” El Shazly says simply. Plus you’ll be seeing their designs on some major local talent soon so keep an eye out…

Oh and FYI, that chipmunk on the t-shirt is totally going to a khabataya

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on @revolutionarywear.