Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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#RichKidsofTehran: Iran's Jet Set Face Online Ban

An Instagram account dedicated to the creme de la creme of Iranian society and all its flashy frivolities has been banned by authorities.

Staff Writer

#RichKidsofTehran: Iran's Jet Set Face Online Ban

Iranian authorities have been left hot under the collar after a cheeky Instagram account showcasing the country's nouveau riche elite went viral online. The 'Rich Kids of Tehran' account was blocked after the gawdy page received backlash for showing off the flash lifestyle of the country's wealthy youth.

In the weeks since it's inception the account has attracted almost 90,000 followers who are treated to a diet of fancy cars, boozy parties and lots of Gucci. The account's founders claim that they want to show a different side to Iran, away from the traditonal conservatism often associated with the Islamic country. Meanwhile the account has also sparked fury among ordinary Iranians, who've set up a 'Poor Kids of Tehran' account designed the show the daily reality of life for poor Iranians.

One comment on the controversial page said: “These kinds of shows are for the people who are empty inside and now they want to fill that emptiness by showing off.” Last week government top brass decided to ban the page, which it considers 'un-Islamic' and 'vulgar'

However the people behind the account claim that the site is designed to showcase a positive side to Tehran. A statement on the profile said: “We love our city of Tehran. We are in no way trying to put a difference between rich and poor. We are trying to show the world how beautiful Tehran and people from Tehran are. The Middle East is always on TV receiving negative attention and we just wanted to show that Tehran is not like that. This page is in no way political and we never had any bad intentions. We never thought the page would make headlines all over the world. Some of the people featured in this Instagram account don’t live in Iran. #richkidsoftehran #welovetehran.”