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Rise Event Empowers Thousands of Women In Athletic Style

You know all those stereotypes you have of athletic women? Trash them. Reebok and Hers Gym are hosting the ladies' event to end all ladies' events this month.

Let’s not pretend, ladies, that you’ve never walked into the gym in an oversized shirt, sweatpants (perhaps with a hole in them), and a makeup-free-God-created-me-like-that face. And even though it feels good to sweat your heart out, feeling the pump of running your body into shape, things need not always be sloppy, boring, and monotonous. Instead, you could still be kicking it in some wildly printed yoga pants or belly-dancing your body to fitness and good health. See? Things don’t have to be so dull.

To open your eyes to this new world that tirelessly merges fitness with style (after burning those sweatpants of course), Hers Gym is celebrating its fourth anniversary with Reebok in the most stylishly sporty way possible through The Rise Event.

At Kempinski Ring Road on the 21st of May, from noon till 9 PM, the door of a world that redefines ‘fun in sports’ will be open to the women who care not only about their health but also about the time spent in doing so. Instead of the same mundane workout routines, the idea of the event is to empower women to reach their utmost potential physically, which in turn will reflect on their psychological and personal lives, making sure that their bodies are honed to full shape while their sense of fulfillment is constantly peaking so they flourish. In other words, the point is to make women kick ass both inside and out, and be happy with all the results.

Here's the awesome thing about being an Egyptian woman: there's no Egyptian woman who doesn't know how to belly dance, and belly dancing is an amazing workout. We all know those closet belly dancers who shy away until someone drags them onto the dance floor at a wedding, then all the mawaheb come out to play. Instead of dancing in front of the mirror – or obnoxiously in the middle of the street like some of us do – here's another option: take to the stage at The Rise Event's belly dance competition and have the real pros decide once and for all whether or not your hips lie. Belly dancer Dina and Nagwa Fouad – live in living colour – will be sitting as judges for the ordeal, so ladies you can finally stick it to anyone who ever doubted your ra3sh skills. The not-so-Middle-Eastern approach to this awesome exercise: Zumba! Zumba expert Jessi Larsen will be flown all the way from the U.S. to dancersize with whoever's looking to take on this cool approach to athletics.

With fitness sample classes, a richly-inclusive bazaar, random activities with cool surprise giveaways, and a showcase of Reebok’s new collections – especially their new edition neon print leggings and other designs (with 15 percent off on all items) – they're pulling together a one-of-a-kind fusion of fun and athletics for the biggest ladies' only event of its kind in Egypt. Plus, show up in your Reebok gear and you've got a chance to win some sort of hush-hush surprise – that's a good excuse to wear yoga pants all day, yeah?

Tickets will be sold at Hers locations in New Cairo, Heliopolis, Sheraton, and Zamalek, as well as Reebok stores at Citystars and Cairo Festival City Mall; also, five per cent of the proceeds will be going to Bahiyya Breast Cancer as well as the Breast Cancer Foundation, so you not only benefit yourself but others as well.

The icing on the cake: one team of lucky ladies will get the chance to go home with 20,000 LE. We'll just leave that piece of information there for you. Hmm, got your tickets yet?