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Riviera Beach

Sahel gets seriously sexy this year as Riviera Beach opens up at Hacienda...

Summer is here once again and the best thing about this season of blistering heat is escaping the city and moving your formet el sa7el ass up to the North Coast and blissfully chilling by the sea for as long as work allows you to. Possibly the sexiest spot on the entire coast is Hacienda Bay, brimming with beautiful people and sunshine and bright blue water that looks like it came off a damn screensaver but is deceptively violent, and lagoons for those who can't be bothered to battle the sea's ferocious waves (which let's be honest, is most of us). This summer, Xpand is taking over all of Hacienda Bay – beach, pool, cabins, the whole thing – and injecting a healthy dose of Lebanese lifestyle to the stunning seaside resort with the Riviera Beach and Hotel.

If you're familiar with its Lebanese counterpart then you already know what you're in for. If you aren’t, let us break it down for you. Essentially, it's going to be the summer's ultimate chilled-out spot. You can channel your inner mermaid and float around in the lagoon, or take a dip in the pool, all with some of their colorful cocktails firmly in your hand. There's also food for your poolside hunger pangs (and to soak up the booze), and music will be blasting from the speakers all day. You have the option of either just spending the day soaking up the sun's rays or actually renting out a cabin so you’ve got your own little room right on the lagoon. We will be taking the third cabin on the left, please, Riviera. Kindly keep the cocktails coming. Thanks.

Ahhh, it will be endless sun-soaked, booze-filled days by the sea. It will be half naked girls, and shirtless guys, strutting around and showing off their hard-earned fit bodies. It'll be seaside glamour and bliss. It'll be good. After the sun sets on all the daytime debauchery, the nocturnal antics shall begin! Riviera's resident watering hole, Blubar, will fling open its doors once night time hits, serving up chilled beats, delicious dishes, and naturally, lots of liquor. It's probably going to be a madhouse come Sahel season, so we suggest you book now…  


Find out more about Riviera Beach on their Facebook page here.