Monday September 25th, 2023
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S'more N More

Putting melted marshmallows on EVERYTHING seems like a good way to Egyptians' hearts. We speak to the founders of the latest dreamy dessert concept to hit Egypt.

Staff Writer

Remember those days of sitting around a campfire that never happened, and roasting marshmallows to make s'mores at summer camp that didn’t exist? It's okay if you missed out on this wondrous childhood staple; most of us Egyptians did and the closest thing most of us have gotten to s'mores is burning marshmallows above a stove flame. Thankfully, those s'more-less days are gone since we've discovered S'more N More, a new dessert delivery concept in Egypt that's entirely dedicated to marshmallow-infused goodies.

Let us enlighten you about this delicious darling of a dessert company. The brand, which has slowly been making a name for itself catering weddings and parties and most recently setting up shop at the latest Taste of Zamalek, creates some all time favourite desserts – injecting them with a healthy dose of melted marshmallows. We're talking s'mores cookies, cheesecake, and even a s'mores batata, the perfect blend of traditional tastiness and western food inventions.

It was started just three months ago by three best friends, Yamine Zein, Marwa Yahya and Noha El Sherif when one of them wanted a s'mores station at their wedding but found that those were virtually nonexistent in Egypt. So they went ahead and made them exist. "It's definitely something that wasn’t readily available in Egypt," Zein tells us. "So we decided to start doing it – we just wanted to put s'mores into everything!" What began as catering for friends' events soon spiralled into a steady stream of orders once people heard about these sensational new desserts.

The three girls, who do everything themselves, from the baking to the marketing, started experimenting with different desserts (s'more topped brownies anyone? Or perhaps a s'more cakepop?) and soon realised they were on to something. "We didn't know there'd be such a demand for it but people were really interested and excited!" Zein says. You didn’t think there'd be a demand for sugar-loaded desserts infused with melted marshmallows? Have you not met our food-obsessed population? Their latest endeavor, setting up a stall at Ramadan's Taste of Zamalek was a huge success; "Kids ethabalo 3ala the marshmallows!" We imagine the adults did too.

Now S'mores N More are making the summer move to Sahel until September so if you happen to be hungry for some munchies by the coast, we suggest you try them out!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @smorenmore.