Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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SafeMode Gaming Campaign by WE Telecom Ends March 24th

The third season of WE Telecom's wildly successful stay-at-home eSports series, SafeMode, is coming to a close on March 24th.

Cairo Scene

Gamer alert - you've only got until March 24th to check out SafeMode, the latest eSport event by telecommunications leader WE with help from organisers BME eSports. The third season of their stay-at-home contest comes with a EGP 1,000,000 prize pool, which are getting doled out through two sets of tournaments: 'Caj Games' for casual players who enjoy UNO, chess and similar familiar games, and 'TryHards', for those of us who are happy getting all sweaty to land that clutch headshot in PUBG.

This time around, you don't have to play to participate. You can watch your favourite internet celebs duke it out in 'Melouk El Gaming', a series of events where teams of popular streamers compete for cash prizes. And if you've got an eye for emerging talent, you can catch up on 'The Streamer', the first contest of its kind in Egypt where contestants see who can host the best gaming stream.

You can visit for all the details, from available tournaments, prizes and dates. Don't forget - this season ends on March 24th.