Saturday May 25th, 2024
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8 Hottest 2018 Sahel Spots

From swanky restaurants, and charming beach clubs all the way to the noisiest nightclubs; here's your guide to doing Sahel right.

Staff Writer

8 Hottest 2018 Sahel Spots

Ok girls and boys; it's Sahel season. If you're one of the lucky few who can actually afford filling up the gas tank all the way to Sahel for a caj weekend, made even fewer now after the government's 3edya earlier this week, OR one of the unlucky majority for whom reading this article is their form of emotional-cutting, we've got your back here. Listed below are the hottest spots (re)opening their doors across Sahel this summer. From swanky restaurants, and charming beach clubs all the way to the noisiest nightclubs; here's your guide to doing Sahel right:


Cheers Sahel

Located in Bianchi Sidi Abdel-Rahman, and featuring a spacious pool, and an exquisite menu, Cheers  is here for the competition this year. On its rooftop lies the brand new shisha lounge Shisha and Nabrisha, and right next to it is Tablia, serving Sahel's freshest breakfasts up until 3PM in true Egyptian fashion. By night, Cheers is transformed into a hot night spot featuring the hottest DJs and entertainment acts. The whole package, they call it.

Where: Bianchi Sidi Abdel-Rahman's Clubhouse

Reservations: Through Facebook

Sodic’s Olympia

Despite a heart-wrenching loss to Russia in what was Egypt's second World Cup match in decades, some Egyptians will no-doubt carry on with paying their undivided attention to the World Cup as they have over the years. In Sahel, THE spot for doing that is the newly-opened Sodic’s Olympia, where you can eat, drink, and get watch each and every World Cup match until the winning team is announced.

Where: IOS Village

Reservations: 01115318943 or 01115318975

Rakkan by Sass

Cairo's glamorous Nile-front spot is taking all the glitz up north in Rakkan by Sass; a beach club by day, restaurant and nightclub by night, which is one great way to save up on gas travelling up and down the coast.

Where: Bo Islands

Reservations: WhatsApp 01279966132 or 01279966135

Salt Beach & Restobar

On the sands of Sidi Abdel-Rahman lies Salt Sahel, the ultimate beach club by day and beach restaurant and bar by night. If commuting is not what you consider a fun beachside activity, this is the place to be for you.

Where: Bianchi Sidi Abdel-Rahman

Reservations: Through Facebook


In a streak of booming parties last Eid's weekend, Exit reopened its doors for the Sahel party animals out there. Featuring local bands, musicians, and DJs, Exit is where shit goes down in Sahel. If it's not partying until sunlight you're after, it's advisable to skip out on this spot.

Where: Hacienda

Reservations: 01206695597

Danos Beach Club

With a complete makeover, Danos makes its return to the scene with a glamorous beach club, complete with sun beds, beanbags, and a themed beach party every Friday. For a proper takeoff of weekend shenanigans, head out there for their After-Work Thursdays. Saturday nights are when the oldies blast out Danos' new Walkman Night, and an All-You-Can Sushi Rolls offer is available on Mondays and Tuesdays for EGP 295.

Where: Hacienda

Reservations: 01555910000-2000-3000

6IX Degrees

If you need an introduction to what this is; you probably didn't touch foot in Sahel in 2017. 6IX Degrees is the ultimate Sahel night spots where partying it up is taken to a whole new level. Exquisite entertainment acts, the country's most insane DJs, and even popular pop stars are to take to the stage this year, kicking the summer heat up a notch for yet another season.

Where: Hacienda Bay

Reservations: 01224566666

Sachi By The Sea

Korba's plushy restaurant Sachi is at it again by bringing a deluxe culinary experience to Sahel in Sachi By The Sea for the third year running. The beach bar offers one of the most delicious wining and dining experiences along the coast, so head out there when the time for a real treat is due.

Where: Hacienda Bay

Reservations: 01111110255 

Lemon Tree & Co.

Another legendary Sahel spot that can do without an introduction; but you're getting one anyways. In 2015, Lemon Tree & Co. had been upping the ante in Sahel since 2014 with a fabulous beach bar in the enchanting Telal and, for the nocturnal beings, their night party spot in Marassi is where you make the most out of warm summer nights.  

Where: Beach Bar in Telal and Nightclub in Marassi

Reservations: 01156669995 or 01156669996