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Samsung K-Zoom is here

CairoZoom have now been armed with the hottest new gadget on the market: the Samsung K-Zoom. Geared with a 20 megapixel camera, 47 hour battery life and more, the camera is bound to be making waves.

If you're out and about this Eid, then you might just see the Cairo Zoom snappers taking pictures of Egypt's beautiful sights. But more importantly, while they're doing that, they will be packing heat thanks to the new Samsung K-Zoom.
The South Korean firm's latest gadget features a whopping 20 megapixel camera, an eight gigabyte memory and excellent music player.
The phone's camera is, of course, the main selling point - It really is the industry leader when it comes to taking cool snaps with a 1/2.3'' sensor size, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, HDR, and a kick-ass panorama function.

Basically it means you can take super-cool pictures of your feet, uber-embarrassing drunk pics of your friends and cute family photos all with one all-singing, all-dancing shiny new Samsung.

Best of all, it weighs just 200g, meaning you can now carry all of your favourite pics, music, games - oh and your calls and messages, in the palm of your hand.
Our on-hand team of phone experts found the latest phone-camera to be both light and sturdy.
More importantly, you can take your phone anywhere without the need to worry about your pesky battery life, thanks to the K-Zoom's impressive battery life of up to 47 hours.
In short - watch out for the Cairo Zoom team this Eid, and why not grab yourself one of these babies as a special Eid gift.