Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Saudi Women Demand More Sex

Almost 1,400 women ditched their partners last year over their failure to perform in bed.

Staff Writer

Saudi women are facing a sex famine as almost 1,400 ditched their partners last year for poor performances between the sheets. Government statistics show that 1,371 Saudi wives filed for divorce in 2013 because their other half failed to satisfy them in bed. Meanwhile, only 238 men applied for a split on the same grounds.
The surprising figures have sparked fears that the desert Kingdom could be facing a severe sex drought. However, KSA sexpert Hani al-Ghamdi praised the Kingdom's women for refusing to put up with lack of imtimacy from their partners. He said: “One must first understand that the essential pillar of a marriage life is the sexual relationship and there is nothing wrong in it. When a wife complains about this issue, it means that there is a failure at home and it is her right to complain about it; there are dozens of stories about our predecessors confirming that the sexual relationship is an essential part of a happy married life. It is a normal reaction and such cases have always existed, and still exist, in courts. What surprises me is that people feel astonished about such cases. Specialists like us have been aware of these problems for many years.”

Meanwhile the psychotherapist blamed external distractions for the lack of Saudi sexy times. He said: "The sexual relationship is a complicated matter for sure; it is not simple at all. Distractions and extramarital relationships are the main problems in these cases” The news comes despite a recent campaign by controversial sex blogger Dr. Abdul Al-Lily to improve sex lives in the conservative country.

However, despite the KSA's unromantic reputation, Al-Ghamdi claims the problems have little to do with the country's strict outlook. He added: “Many couples suffer from the lack of sexual intimacy, but let us be fair, these problems can be found everywhere."