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Say Goodbye to Useless Gifts Because 'My List' Has Finally Come to Egypt

Goodbye, forever, useless gifts no one ever needed or asked for.

We all have that one friend who is getting married or having a baby way ahead of us, and between our sense of failure in life and our profound appreciation and love for their friendship, we're often stuck on what to get them. Will it be suitable for where they're at right now? Will it be totally useless? Yes, your best friend is having a baby, but is a clothes iron what she really needs right now? Well, as much as people think it's a bit arrogant, it's okay to tell people what you want. It makes our lives a hell of a lot easier when it comes to picking out something to give you for your new milestones, whether it be a baby, a new house, a new partner, or that dreaded 30th birthday. Julie Leblan had that same struggle when she moved to Dubai in 2011 and was expecting her second child; her friends back in Paris were unsure what she wanted and how to send it to her. So of course she turned her struggle into a solution to help everyone else avoid the same crisis. Now, she's bringing that solution to Egypt.
Egyptians love getting gifts ('get' here just means buying and receiving), but at the same time, buying a glittery teddy bear wrapped in tulle may be a thing of the past. "Many of our clients in the UAE are Egyptians people getting married in Egypt but living in the UAE, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia. Most of them said that it would be great to have the opportunity to create an equivalent wedding registry with MyList at home with brands their family and friends know and love," Leblan tells us.

On a more personal level, Leblan believes in the value of launching in Egypt; "My husband lived in Cairo from 1998 to 2000 and we always had a special bond with the country. I fell in love with the culture, the people, and the amazing lifestyle you have in Egypt! A year ago, I started exploring the country with the help of our Egyptian friends and we decided very quickly to launch in Egypt." You hear that, friends and family? You don't have to grab any more last minute cheap blenders that will never make us our morning shake just right...Though Leblan comments that most young Egyptians she's met are dynamic and tech-savvy, and while we don't disagree, she elaborates on the simplicity of the process. "You create a wish list on our website, select gifts from different retailers and share the link with family and friends who purchase online. You can receive the gifts directly at home or choose to convert them into MyList gift cards to be spent in any of our partner stores," she says. The stores they partnered with? Only the best of the best; B-Tech, Hedeya, Crystal Asfour, Walnut, Saad of Egypt, Tradeline, Bakier, and Home Centre. Their categories you can browse through include 'Electronics & Appliances' as well as 'Leisure & Experiences', 'Luxury', 'Fashion & Accessories', 'Baby', 'Toys', and more. That just about covers any possible occasion under the sun.

We'll just admit that one thing we love about the partners they have are the travel agencies *pushing their website's link to our significant others as we speak*...The MyList team launched in Egypt last week, and you can share your gift list with anyone across the world – all you have to do is visit the uber user-friendly and see what they can offer!