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Say Hello to the Middle East's First Robot Barista

The Egyrobo x Cafex convention will showcase the region's first robotic barista.

A trusty cup of coffee is probably the closest thing to armor large-city-dwellers in the Age of Information have at their disposal, but nothing really says the zenith of technology like, well, robots (stay with us, it’s worth it). Mix the two and you get nothing short of mind boggling futuristic bliss - a robotic barista. No, really, the first ever robotic barista of its kind in MENA got its debut at the Egyrobo X Cafex convention last weekend and it was pure genius.

Making sci-fi a very tangible reality for Cairenes, the robotic barista served human beings coffee at its first showcase from April 1st to April 3rd. After making your order, the bot would prepare it, pick it up, and send you off with a little wave and your daily dose of caffeine. If you didn’t think anything cooler than robo-coffee was possible, you’re gonna wanna sit down for this; the robot dressed up as different characters everyday. A robotic barista with a stylist is everything we didn’t know we needed.

Whether you’re a self proclaimed tech geek or take ‘don’t talk to me ‘til I’ve had my coffee’ a little too far, this is the coolest coffee-related thing you’ll hear about this week. If you weren’t able to make it to the convention to grab a coffee by the newest barista in town, don’t worry, the guys at Egyrobo let us know that the robotic barista will be coming soon to all major malls and cafes in Cairo pretty soon.