Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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Scene on My Street Competition: Win a New Lumia 530

We're teaming up with Microsoft Lumia to discover YOUR neighbourhoods. Find out how to win the new Lumia 530 with a simple snap.

Staff Writer

Scene on My Street Competition: Win a New Lumia 530

In recent weeks, we have highlighted some of the beauty in specific Cairo neighbourhood's Zamalek, Mohandessin and Maadi, basking in the often overlooked glory of their visual candy (Mohandessin traffic not included). It goes without saying that Egypt is a beautiful country, from the ancient aura of the pyramids to the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea but - zooming in - there is beauty to be found in every corner. It is, as they say, the detail that counts. What makes up the scene when you open your eyes and look out the window every morning? When you leave the house to go to your car? When you open your eyes to the characters and props that inhabit your street?

We're teaming up with Microsoft (Nokia) Lumia to find the most beautiful, unseen parts of Cairo that are closer to home.

Instagram a picture of something on your street that you find beautiful; it could be anything from the bawabs smile, a piece of graffiti or an unexpected flower arrangement and tag @CairoScene and hashtags #Lumia530 and #SceneOnMyStreet. Our favourite image submitted by 7th December will win a brand new Microsoft Lumia 530 mobile, part of the Lumia range of phones with unprecedented camera capabilities. Get snapping!