Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Seashell: Redefining Beachside Living

Taken aback by their gorgeous architecture and nature-driven outlook, we take a look at all the elements that will make up the most anticipated North Coast and put together some mood boards to inspire your interiors.

Staff Writer

Though Sahel’s Seashell has yet to officially launch, the spot is already garnering buzz aplenty and it’s not just because of their beats. Resting on a stunning stretch of virgin Mediterranean beach on the North Coast, the lavish compound has a harmonious, holistic approach to creating living spaces, fusing the architecture with the surrounding nature. BAM WE JUST GOT ALL MOTHER EARTH ON YOU. But truly, Seashell has taken seaside living to a new level, elegantly integrating nature’s elements with the structural aspects of the houses. Each letter of their name represents an element and that element is seamlessly fused into the architecture of the homes which fall under it. So we felt all bitten by the inspiration bug and decided to create moodboards to guide you in designing a home.


The Sand block, aptly, overlooks the beach so think a soft palette, with lots of nudes and pearly whites to blend in with your environment, offset by deeper hues such as warm browns. Also, glass vases brimming with seashells will never, ever, get old when it comes to a beach house.


The Echo block boasts views of the beach and the lagoon. Keep the whole into the blue theme going and opt for a blend of sandy beiges mingled with pale or petroleum blues.


The units in the Air block have a unique design in the form of a cross ventilation system that flows into and out of the house. Everything should remain light and airy including the colour palette; lots of cool greys will work beautifully and if you want a pop of strong colour you can opt for a rich navy hue. With the stream of air, these houses are perfect for things that sway with the wind or are affected by it such as pinwheels or wind chimes.


The Stone blocks are all about using material that is sustainable in the Sahel weather. In keeping with the theme, think stone floors for a rustic feel or even pebbled ones. Granite sculptures or vases will add a lovely aesthetic touch and make sure to incorporate lots of plants to add a splash of natural colour.


The Horizon block reflects the dialogue between earth, sea, and sky. Go for a soft palette of blues or greens paired with light neutral shades like off-white or pale grey.


These block units are soaked with natural sunlight; the design is such that it allows for the sun’s light to flood the interior. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the beauty of nature inside your home with loads of plants which will receive all the light they need, and plenty of floral arrangements.

Find out more about Seashell on their Facebook page here or visit http://seashellbeats.com/