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Sensera Aromatherapy is on a Mission Using Essential Oils from Egyptian Soil

Sensera Aromatherapy makes high-quality essential oils, using Egyptian-sourced ingredients and local manufacturing for their Middle East and Europe production.

sensora aromatherapy

The first thing you'll see when you look up 'Sensera Aromatherapy' is that it's an American company based in Delaware, which isn't very similar to Egypt, and that it operates in California and Texas, which - at the very least - are as sweaty to be in as Egypt. But what you might not see without digging deeper is the way they rely on Herbal Family Group, an Egyptian company, for Middle East and Europe production. Using the abundant supply of flora present in our country’s natural landscape, Sensera Aromatherapy and Herbal Family Group have joined together on a mission.

“One of our main objectives is to educate people about aromatherapy," Mai Khaled Ali, product manager at Sensera Aromatherapy told #CairoScene. "You can use it in your skincare regimen, to uplift your mood, or even your food and drink. Everything can be incorporated with essential oils to upgrade your quality of life.”

With farms and factories based in Cairo, 80% to 90% of Sensera's plant production through Herbal Family Group is farmed locally. Among their product line is a selection of body oils, facial toners, serums, and single essential oils as well as other carrier oils like Argan and coconut oil.

Sensera Aromatherapy was meant to launch in June, but their debut was sped up so they could release their infused sanitizers in March during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Right now, their more cosmetic products are available for order through Facebook and Instagram, as well as on,, and The Hair Addict.

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