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Serenity & Self Reflection with Ahimsa Yoga's Ramadan Sessions

Ahimsa Yoga is a tranquil health and wellness spot by the Nile offering yoga sessions throughout Ramadan, as well as arts workshops, charity runs, and Iftar meals.

With Ramadan in full swing, we’re always looking for ways to keep our mind, body, and soul healthy. What better way to find your inner peace and connect with nature than yoga? Ahimsa Yoga, a tranquil health and wellness spot by the Nile, has got your chakras covered with a full schedule of yoga and wellness programmes throughout the Holy Month.

Their daily pre-fitar and pre-sohour yoga sessions are especially timed for your Ramadan schedule. After a relaxing session, you can break your fast there with their wholesome, healthy menu, which includes a colourful salad bar, a mixed grill, and vegan burgers and kofta upon request.

“Anyone that comes in and feels like they found peace in the place—that’s what counts the most for me,” Co-founder Aya Kartoum tells #CairoScene. “It’s a healing space to connect with yourself and with nature. Everyone deserves to find a place in the middle of Cairo to just go and relax, do yoga, paint, whatever.”

‘Whatever’ is underplaying things. Ahimsa offers other wellness and healing activities like painting, photography, or even kayaking on a weekly basis. They also host special community service days every Monday and Wednesday, where they give you the chance to give back with various volunteer and charity events.